MLB The Show 20: Best minor league players in Franchise Mode, RTTS, March to October & more

Minor league players are now in MLB The Show 20. These are the best players in MiLB.

by Brandon Ridgely
MLB The Show 20 Minor League RTTS Franchise Mode

MLB The Show 20 introduced a fully licensed and designed minor league for the first time in the series.

The first licensed minor league inclusion benefits longer-term franchise players looking to build a dynasty for more than five years. Players who stick with their franchise will see prospects like those from the minor leagues rise up and take over the league in a more realistic way.

The licensed minor league is also great for RTTS players, who are thrust right into the minor leagues to start their prospects career.

Let’s take a look at who got the highest ratings from the minor leagues.

Brandon Morrow – 81 OVR

Brandon Morrow MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Brandon Morrow is without a doubt the most talented player below MLB level in MLB The Show 20. While he’s in the tail-end of his career at 34, he’s brought an incredibly dangerous closing threat to the Iowa Cubs.

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Morrow throws a devastating 98 MPH 4-seam fastball, showing off his 92 Velocity. He also gets great, consistent results with 84 H/9 and 84 HR/9. With his MLB experience, Morrow is both an example and nightmare for developing minor league prospects.

Jordan Balazovic – 79 OVR

Jordan Balazovic MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Jordan Balazovic is easily the most promising young talent outside of the major league in MLB The Show 20. As ace starting pitcher of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, Balazovic brings an absurd skillset to the AA scene.

Balazovic has a balanced array of skills that help him shine in any situation he’s in. His best talents are his 77 Stamina, 76 Velocity, and 74 K/9.

Nate Jones – 79 OVR

Nate Jones MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Nate Jones brings MLB veteran experience to the Louisville Bats as an incredible fastball-heavy closer.

Jones puts AAA talent to the test in the most pivotal moments of games, and is a great example for other pitchers out of the bullpen.

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Jones has an absolute cannon of an arm, which shows in his 99 Velocity and 99 Break. He also has great fundamentals with 83 H/9, 79 K/9, and 77 Clutch.

Juan Nicasio – 78 OVR

Juan Nicasio MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Juan Nicasio is another of many great veteran pitchers putting the pressure on minor league prospects to grow. He leads the Nashville Sounds as their best closer.

Nicasio has some devastating pitches with a 95 MPH 4-seam fastball, 93 MPH 2-seam fastball, and an 87 MPH slider to go with it. His best talents are his 78 K/9, 77 Velocity, and 69 Clutch.

Scott Alexander – 78 OVR

Scott Alexander MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Scott Alexander is one of many talented veteran relievers in the minor leagues, and he like others is a strong example for good pitching traits on the Oklahoma City Dodgers.

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Alexander is a jack of all trades, with 82 Break, 82 HR/9, and 75 Velocity. He has the stamina of a reliever, but he has the pitching suite and bag of tricks of a starter, making him quite dangerous for prospective hitters.

Shao-Ching Chiang – 78 OVR

Shao Ching Chiang MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Shao-Ching Chiang is one of the first players on this list that may spend his entire career in the minor leagues, despite being a standout talent.

At 26 years old, these are the most important years for Chiang’s career, yet he’s shown little signs of improvement as a prospect. It shows in his D-level potential, which really puts a halt on organizations picking him up with the future in mind.

Despite potentially already reaching his career peak, Chiang is a skilled starting pitcher for the Toledo Mud Hens that can help along younger teammates push through the major league wall. His best talents are his 80 Stamina, 67 H/9, and 67 K/9.

Kyle Barraclough – 77 OVR

Kyle Barraclough MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Kyle Barraclough is a strong relief pitcher for the El Paso Chihuahuas. At 28 years old, you would think Barraclough is sure to be doomed to the minor leagues for the rest of his career. This may not be the case though with his B potential and impressive skills.

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Barraclough’s best talents are his fantastic 94 K/9, 90 H/9, and 85 Break. While he has weak spots in his game like 41 Control, he’s a great reliever that could see his time in the MLB sometime soon.

Hernan Perez – 76 OVR

Hernan Perez MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Hernan Perez is the first non-pitcher on the list, and he’s an interesting talent to evaluate.

Perez is 29 years old, with C-level potential, putting in him at a crossroads between being just shy of the MLB and potentially not getting any better from here.

But that doesn’t mean Perez isn’t talented. Perez’s best skills are his 85 BRR AG, 81 Durability, and 78 Reaction. He has a high overall but his skills are oddly spread out, making him if nothing else a very unique player for the Iowa Cubs.

Yaisel Sierra – 76 OVR

Yaisel Sierra MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Yaisel Sierra is a talented minor league pitcher that probably won’t see the MLB before he hangs up his cleats. But as an ace starting pitcher for the Oklahoma City Dodgers, he has an impressive resume wearing out the next generation of prospects.

Sierra has a decent 94 MPH 4-seam fastball alongside a 91 MPH 2-seam fastball, 84 MPH changeup, and 85 MPH slider. His greatest talents are his 83 Velocity, 72 Arm Strength, 72 Stamina.

Yolmer Sanchez – 76 OVR

Yolmer Sanchez MLB The Show 20 best minor league players RTTS Franchise Mode

Despite Yolmer Sanchez being last on this list, he’s one of the most likely to see the major league in the future. As star second baseman for the Sacrament River Cats, the 27-year-old has built up a promising resume capped off with B-level potential.

Sanchez’s best talents are mostly in his defense, with 92 Arm Accuracy, 85 Reaction, and 80 Fielding. He also has 91 Durability, and 76 Clutch to help out at-bat.

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