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How to get called up in MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 marked another big year for Road to the Show, but some players are struggling with how to get called up to the big leagues.

If things aren't moving as quickly as you'd hoped, we've got the tips, teams, and positions that'll get you called up in MLB The Show 22 as quickly as possible.

How to get called up in MLB The Show 22

Road to the Show is back in MLB The Show 22, and once again players are building their Ballplayer and hoping to grind their way to the majors.

Unfortunately, many are hitting a wall because there's no clear indication within Road to the Show how long you'll have to grind before you get called up.

It's not uncommon for some players to be stuck in lower level leagues for a full season, but there are several steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

How to get called up in MLB The Show 22
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ON THE WAY UP: You'll move through the Minors before reaching the MLB

First, you have to understand that the call-up decision varies for every single team and position, as Road to the Show is genuinely simulating when the team looks at your Ballplayer and decides they are an upgrade and worth promoting.

If you want to set yourself up for success with a little first run grinding, use the method in our easy XP guide to set yourself up to grind with a player and increase their stats massively before starting a new Road to the Show save with the upgraded version.

Ultimately, you just need to further improve your player until the game sees the value in calling you up, but one way to hedge your bets is to pick a situation where the team needs what you have to offer.

It's also a risk to put yourself in a position where a given team is already strong, as your likelihood of getting traded instead of promoted will increase dramatically.

Best teams to get called up faster in Road to the Show

If you want to get called up with your first playthrough and don't want it to take forever, there are specific teams which are best for each position.

It's important to note that these rankings are all based on Default Rosters, so make sure when creating your RTTS save that you choose Default Rosters in order to take advantage of this.

How to get called up in Road to the Show 22 RTTS
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DEFAULT ROSTERS: Make sure to choose this during RTTS save creation

Adjusting the rosters in any way can change the priorities of various teams, and as a result they may take longer to call you up if they've filled a hole via some roster change.

If you're dead set on playing with a specific position, these are the best teams for you to choose which are the weakest in the league at that particular position:

  • Starting Pitcher: Baltimore Orioles
  • Closer/Relief Pitcher: Colorado Rockies
  • Catcher: Washington Nationals
  • First Base: Oakland Athletics
  • Second Base: Los Angeles Angels
  • Shortstop: Philadelphia Phillies
  • Third Base: Baltimore Orioles
  • Right Field: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Center Field: Chicago Cubs
  • Left Field: Los Angeles Dodgers

It will still take time to improve your Ballplayer enough to get moved up as your stats start relatively low, but these are your best bets for each position.

Best position to get called up faster on every team in RTTS

For many gamers, it's less about the position and more about building a Ballplayer that they can enjoy on their favorite club.

Again, we've used Default Rosters to build these rankings, and these represent the top three position needs (first option listed being most needed) for every MLB team:

AL East

  • Baltimore Orioles: Starting Pitcher, Third Base, Catcher
  • Boston Red Sox: Right Field, First Base, Center Field
  • New York Yankees: Second Base, Center Field, Shortstop
  • Tampa Bay Rays: First Base, Third Base, Right Field
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Second Base, Catcher, Closer/Relief Pitcher

AL Central

  • Chicago White Sox: Third Base, Second Base, Left Field
  • Cleveland Guardians: First Base, Left Field, Second Base
  • Detroit Tigers: Catcher, Closer/Relief Pitcher, Center Field
  • Kansas City Royals: Third Base, Closer/Relief Pitcher, Starting Pitcher
  • Minnesota Twins: Catcher, Starting Pitcher, Left Field

AL West

  • Houston Astros: Catcher, Center Field, Shortstop
  • Los Angeles Angels: Second Base, Left Field, Right Field
  • Oakland Athletics: First Base, Closer/Relief Pitcher, Second Base
  • Seattle Mariners: Center Field, Shortstop, Second Base
  • Texas Rangers: Starting Pitcher, Closer/Relief Pitcher, Left Field

NL East

  • Atlanta Braves: Left Field, Shortstop, Catcher
  • Miami Marlins: Center Field, Shortstop, Third Base
  • New York Mets: Catcher, Second Base, Left Field
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Shortstop, Center Field, Third Base
  • Washington Nationals: Catcher, Shortstop, Third Base

NL Central

  • Chicago Cubs: Center Field, Right Field, Closer/Relief Pitcher
  • Cincinnati Reds: Center Field, Starting Pitcher, Shortstop
  • Milwaukee Brewers: First Base, Catcher, Third Base
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Right Field, Starting Pitcher, First Base
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Shortstop, Closer/Relief Pitcher, Starting Pitcher

NL West

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: First Base, Center Field, Starting Pitcher
  • Colorado Rockies: Closer/Relief Pitcher, Starting Pitcher, Shortstop
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Left Field, Third Base, Second Base
  • San Diego Padres: Left Field, Catcher, Right Field
  • San Francisco Giants: Second Base, Center Field, Catcher

If you want to use current live rosters or change things up in some way, we recommend checking the depth chart of the team you're hoping to join to ensure your Ballplayer is in a position of need.

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