New Valorant Trailer gives us our best look at Breeze

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Season 2 Act 3, subtitled Formation, is just about here and we have a new trailer to celebrate! We've also got more information about the 2.08 Title Update, with Patch Notes, and our best look at the new map yet!

LATEST - Act III: Formation Trailer

If you're looking for a new Valorant trailer, we've got you covered! Well, Riot Games has you covered but you get the idea.

There's a brand-new Valorant trailer out right now and it gives us our best look at the new map, Breeze, yet! Still no sign of a new Agent, though...

You can check out this new Map Trailer for Act III: Formation below:


Valorant 2.08 Patch Notes

The next set of Valorant Patch Notes are finally here and we have an overview for you below.

Breeze is being introduced with a "Breeze-only" queue for two weeks! It will then be available in both Standard Unrated and Competitive playlists.

Valorant Act 3 Breeze Map Coaching Slots Patch Notes
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2.08 HIGHLIGHTS - Here's the ultra-brief overview on what's coming in Version 2.08

In addition to this, Coach Slots are being added to the game in both Tournament Mode and Custom Games lobbies. There's also a handful of bug fixes for Astra and Viper, as well as a few fixes for the social features. You can find the full patch notes for the update here, though.


Still No Release Schedule

Although we're expecting the new Valorant update to drop today, we unusually have very little information about what's coming (other than the new map).

Last time, the most recent Valorant title update went live at around 22:00 EST / 03:00 BST (Next Day). So, with this in mind, we're expecting a similar timeline of events this evening.

That being said though, we knew more about that update by now so maybe there's been some sort of delay? Only time will tell, unfortunately, but we're keeping an eye on Valorant's socials for the latest news.

In the meantime, the Washington Post did a deep dive into the development new map and how Riot Games put it all together. You can check that out below!

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Breeze Map Revealed

Ahead of the launch of Episode 2 Act 3, Riot Games have officially revealed a new trailer for the new Breeze map that will be coming to the game along with the new season.

Check out the trailer below.

Teaser Images

The official Valorant Twitter account has just tweeted a few new teaser images of the new "Breeze" map and one of them looks like it might actually be a part of the final map.

You can see the tweets below:


In our opinion, if the map looks to be inspired by colonial fortifications on Caribbean islands. This could mean there's more verticality and tighter sight-lines to reflect the unique design of these outdated structures. Only time will tell, though.


"Breeze" Map Teaser

We might not know exactly what the new map will look like, but everyone is pretty certain that it is the Caribbean-based "Breeze" that has been teased for a few days now.

The latest tweet from Valorleaks gives us our best look yet at the new map, albeit via some sort of concept art. You can check it out below:

We're not sure that this nice little open beach section will feature given Valorant's tactical gameplay, but it gives off a certain vibe, right? Could we really see an "open-format" Valorant map in the future?

Perhaps not. Either way, we're expecting a full reveal sooner rather than later.


Season 2 Act 3 Release Date

Unusually, Riot Games has been a little quiet with information about Season 2 Act 3 considering it's expected to start soon.

This doesn't mean we're completely in the dark though, it's just an unofficial estimation.

Valorant Season 2 Act 2 is due to end on April 20th and there's usually no delay between these seasonal updates. This means that Season 2 Act 3 should start on April 21st, provided there aren't any delays from Riot Games.

There is also a small chance it will drop a week later on April 27th, as we haven't heard anything from Riot Games yet. However, this is unlikely.

New Map Information

Valorant Season 2 Act 3 will introduce a new map to Riot Games' tactical shooter, but we don't have full confirmation of what this map will be yet.

We do have some teaser images though that would suggest it is some kind of island-based location.


Valorant Season 2 Act 3's new map could be called "Breeze" if these teasers are to be believed. It's the most solid evidence we have so far, but more information is expected soon.

Will There Be A New Agent?

We are expecting a new Agent to be introduced into Valorant, we just don't know who they are or what they will do.

Agent 15 was a "Cosmic Controller", and @ValorLeaks has shared a teaser video that would suggest this season's Agent 16 has an explosive-based toolset.


It doesn't do much to confirm anything, but it's all we have so far.


Act 3 Update Trailer

At the moment, we don't have a trailer that showcases the Season 2 Act 3 update for Valorant.

This is almost definitely due to the fact that we haven't got any information about the new Agent, who will most likely feature heavily in any new trailer we get.

Valorant Season 2 Act 3 Countdown Astra Agent
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AGENT 15 - Astra is the latest Valorant Agent to be added to the game

We're expecting one to drop in the next couple of days ahead of the title update.


Full Patch Notes

At the moment we don't have any Patch Notes for Valorant 2.08, which will introduce Season 2 Act 3. We do know this will add Coaching Slots into the team composition for competitive modes and a new levelling system appears to be in development.

READ MORE: Who's The Best Agent To Use in Valorant?

However, this is it. As for Agent changes and gameplay tweaks, only time will tell.

We're expecting these to drop on update day, so April 21st. However, they could leak prior to this like the 2.07 update.

Playlist Updates, Battle Pass Changes and More

A lot of these details are up in the air at the moment. We know that there will be a new Battle Pass introduced, like last season, costing 1,000 Valorant Points.

We also know that there's going to be some form of Playlist Update, like last season.

Annoyingly, without any official Patch Notes, we won't know for sure what's changing. Leaks have been surprisingly light ahead of the updates, but we will make sure we keep this article up to date with everything we know ahead of Valorant Act 2 Season 3.