23 Sep 2021 2:29 PM +00:00

Titanfall 3: "Who knows what the future holds..." says Respawn

It may not have sold that well at launch, but the popularity of Titanfall 2 has led to fans constantly asking about the future of the series. For the first time in a while, Respawn has commented on the possibility of Titanfall 3 being made, and there are some mixed messages being thrown around.

Community Coordinator's Comments

Yesterday, Respawn's Community Coordinator, Jason Garza, had the following to say when he was asked about whether Titanfall 3 was in development:

"Don't get your hopes up, man. We don't have anything in the works. There's nothing."

You can see the video of him saying that in the tweet down below.


Respawn's Official Response


However, not all hope is lost, as Respawn has left the door open to Titanfall returning in the future.

They tweeted from the official account early this morning:

"Contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA. Who knows what the future holds..."

While that's not directly teasing anything, it does show that Respawn aren't pronouncing Titanfall dead quite yet and that they're open to returning to it in the future.


Both statements may be true, though. Presumably, while Respawn are open to considering a return for Titanfall in the future, Garza may also be correct in saying that nothing is in the works right now.

Either way, Respawn know what they're doing by teasing the future of Titanfall like this, so they will be prepared for more any more questions about Titanfall 3 in the coming months and years.

Until they say definitively that Titanfall 3 is in development or never happening, people will continue to ask about it.

If we hear any more about Titanfall 3, or the future of the series elsewhere, we'll be sure to let you know. For now, keep your fingers crossed that Respawn aren't teasing nothing at all.