Hacker hacks Apex Legends to save Titanfall from hackers

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Recently, Apex Legends was hacked by an individual and/or group with the message of "Save Titanfall". In an ironic turn of events, the reason they want to "Save Titanfall" is due to the fact that it is being plagued by hackers!

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The Genesis Collection Event has been disrupted by these events and we're expecting Respawn Entertainment to make amends to players. Here's the latest on the situation.

LATEST - Respawn Issue Fix For Hack

According to Social Media, Respawn Entertainment has issued a fix overnight and they believe that any issues impacting the matchmaking services of Apex Legends have been restored.

As you can see below, it was a bit of an arduous task for the developers:


The fix is obviously good news for Apex Legends players, but now there is a wave of demands for compensation and continued demand for a "Titanfall Fix". It doesn't look like Respawn Entertainment has commented on the issues yet and we could see another Apex Legends hack happen sooner than we think.

What Happened? - Xbox Affected

Apex Legends players on Xbox are now reporting that the hacker has managed to take down all playlists on the platform.


This means that only the Save Titanfall mode is available for some players. There is no comment from the official Apex Legends Twitter account so far.


What Happened? - The Initial Hack

A hacker is wreaking havoc on Apex Legends in an effort to raise awareness for issues relating to Respawn Entertainment's other popular title, Titanfall.

Players are currently unable to queue for regular game modes in Apex Legends and instead have to queue for a playlist item titled 'Save Titanfall'.

The Apex Legends hacker is currently unidentified but has accused EA of committing fraud by continuing to sell Titanfall when it is in an 'unplayable' state.

Despite raising the issue to the relevant parties, our Apex Legends hacker has reached their boiling point, resulting in today's actions.

It's not often that a community may side with a hacker, but it seems like this individual (or group) have good intentions. When you finish a match on the 'Save Titanfall' mode, you are met with the following end screen.

Apex Legend Save Titanfall Hacker
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Never underestimate the passion some gamers hold for certain titles