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23 Mar 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Weekly Update – Alpha Patch Notes, March Update, Delays & more

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Weekly Update – Alpha Patch
Notes, March Update, Delays & more

Alpha Patch notes have been released! This gives us a good look at how development is going.

A crisis that has touched
everyone all over the world has now expectedly hit the gaming industry.

With cancellations to gaming event like E3 2020 and companies such as Ubisoft coming out and announcing the struggles they are facing due to the virus, we’ve now seen a delay hit the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

However, we have received some
Alpha Patch notes showing that the development of the game is progressing none
the less.

These are interesting times for
us, and everyone’s mettle will be tested whether that’s personally or socially.
It is likely we’ll also see delays to many other games and events moving

Alpha Patch Notes

The Alpha build of the game is set to release soon! Microsoft has released a number of announcements which outline some details to be present in this build of the game.

microsoft flight sim delays

SEATBELTS FASTENED - Although there will be delays, we are still excited for Flight Simulator!

This includes the planes the
player can use, the ability to group up in multiplayer and much more regarding
missions, training missions and controls.

The patch notes also include details regarding peripheral support and live events. These are most likely community events as well as natural weather systems like storms and tornadoes

From the screenshot’s we’ve seen, it seems the game is coming along well, but bugs and glitches take a long time to filter out. Read our other article here showing the most recent screenshots.

To read the full list of patch notes, click here.

Delays due to Coronavirus

Like many developers, Microsoft is struggling to continue development on Flight Simulator.

flight simulator coronavirus

REAL-WORLD TRAVEL - If you can't take a tour in real life, why not experience itin Flight Simulator!

This is unfortunately inevitable with what is going on throughout the world. Be prepared for many other developers to make the same announcement.

This is likely to delay the release of the game due to the lack of development over the next few weeks/months.

Unfortunately, there is no information surrounding an official release date of the game, and how the current situation will affect the length of development.

But there is a new update
releasing next week detailing release date.

Are you excited for Flight Simulator? When do you think Flight Simulator will release?