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Far Cry 6: How to Get Pre Order Bonuses

Far Cry 6 is finally here. There's a huge new land to start exploring and secrets hidden all around it. The Far Cry 6 pre order bonuses that come with the various editions of the game should help you out in your exploration of Yara. Here's how to get the Far Cry 6 pre order bonuses in-game.

What the Pre order Bonuses Are

With your pre order of Far Cry 6, you should get various additional bonuses to use in game. Let's start from the top.

The Vice Pack comes with the "Miami Strip" outfit, "Skorpion" weapon, a new convertible vehicle, the "Gold Bullion" weapon charm, the "Letter Opener" vehicle accessory and "Champagne", the white panther companion.

The Croc Hunter pack comes with the "Bushwhacker" outfit, "45/70" weapon, an off-road vehicle, the "Croc Tooth" weapon charm and, finally, the "45/70 cartridge" vehicle accessory.

The Jungle Expedition Pack includes the "Adventurer" outfit, "SBS" weapon and the "Compass" weapon charm.

How to Use Far Cry 6 Pre Order Bonuses

Accessing the Far Cry 6 pre order bonuses is pretty easy. You simply have to play the game and you will naturally unlock them. Go through the story until you reach a mission called "The Guerrilla".

This will bring you to a new Island where you can finally start to explore the game for yourself. Just head into the bunker to talk to Juan, and a message will appear shortly after to say they're ready to be used. This officially marks the end of Far Cry 6's tutorial.

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If you have any problems activating the bonuses, make sure they're installed first. If this doesn't work, try turning the game off and booting it up again.

Finally, you can try reaching out to Ubisoft support if your digital goodies never arrived. You should be entitled to them simply by preordering the game. Good luck out there in Yara, you will need it.

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