Far Cry 6: Can You Get Early Access?

Far Cry is a constantly evolving franchise, seeing it arrive in tonnes of different locations with interesting new stories. Far Cry 6 takes the player to Yara, a fictional Caribbean island under the brutal rule of a dictator. Luckily, it's almost time to set the Island free. Here's what you should about whether you can get Far Cry 6 early access.

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Far Cry 6 finally launches on October 7th, after months of delays and tonnes of hype.

This means you have mere days left until you can play it for yourself.

Can you get Far Cry 6 early access?

Unfortunately, there's no way to play Far Cry 6 early. Sometimes, the Gold or Deluxe versions of the game gets you early access but this isn't the case for Far Cry 6.

It seems Ubisoft wants players to all experience the game at the same time. This seems to be the best way to instil those water-cooler moments games are known for.


You can predownload the game as of today, October 5th. The method to do so depends on your platform of choice. If you're on consoles, you can simply go to your library and click install. This should sort it all out for you.

If you're on PC, you can play it via Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Game Store. Just purchase the game and find it in your app to start the download.

Far Cry 6 Download Size

The download size is sure to change over the coming weeks as updates come out and patches go live. This being said, Far Cry 6 is being reported at around 40 GB on consoles right now and up to 60GB on PC.

PC allows a little more customizability in regards to textures so it would make sense to be a little larger. It also will not include ray tracing on consoles.

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