Minecraft Dungeons: Cacti Canyon Rune Location - Secrets, purpose & more

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Cacti Canyon is one of the more unique locations in Minecraft Dungeons.

But much like the other locations, Cacti Canyons has a hidden rune you'll need to unlock the secret room at the end of the game.

The journey to find these runes is one of the more deep interesting aspects of Minecraft Dungeons, but for those more concerned with finding it than looking for it, let's go over where you can find this important rune.

Cacti Canyon

Cacti Canyon is a beautiful and scenic location in Minecraft Dungeons. Despite the views, you'll find hostile villagers around every corner.

While these enemies are some of the simplest you'll find in Minecraft Dungeons, they can still overwhelm parties with numbers.

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To best navigate Cacti Canyon, you'll want to be careful how far you explore into open spaces. With plenty of ranged opponents and little cover, positioning is key.

Once you get through the area, though, you'll be able to secure the hidden rune of the level.

The secret rune in Cacti Canyon

Minecraft Dungeons Cacti Canyon secret rune entrance
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SPOTTED - The button can be accessed next to this pool of water, and you'll simply go into the entrance above to find the door.

Getting to the secret rune in Cacti Canyon is actually pretty painless. It simply involves working your way to a button next to a small pool of water.

After pressing the button and heading into the very obvious open chamber above it, a secret door will have opened to reveal the rune room.


With the rune, players will be able to combine it with the runes from all of the other locations to unlock a final secret in the game. While we're willing to spoil where you can find this rune, you'll have to go elsewhere to spoil the secret.

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