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MUT 22 TOTW 5 Predictions - LTD, Heroes, POTW

Madden 22 Ultimate Team will undoubtedly start with the next MUT 22 TOTW reveal, this time for Week 5.

Each week in the NFL, certain players separate themselves from the rest and earn themselves a spot on the Team of the Week.

So who will make the cut?

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Here's who we think will land in the MUT 22 TOTW 5 - and when you can expect to see these awesome new cards in Madden 22.

MUT 22: Team of the Week 5 Release Date

Madden 22 will add the MUT 22 Team of the Week lineup on Tuesday mornings each week. Lucky for us the reveals have been very consistent this year.

Trevon Diggs runs down the sideline in Madden 22
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POTW 4: Trevon Diggs earned Player of the Week in MUT 22

For starters, to learn about the next MUT 22 reveal watch Good Morning Madden on Twitch to hear all the players revealed and perhaps even more big Madden news!

We anticipate the cards to go live in Madden 22 Ultimate Team just after 4pm ET / 3pm CT on Tuesday, October 12th.


Player of the Week 5 (POTW) - Davante Adams

Not many wide receivers in NFL history had the kind of game Davante Adams did against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 5.

He finished the game with 11 receptions, 206 yards and two touchdowns. He's definitely responsible for keeping Green Bay in the game and getting the 25-22 victory.

Davante Adams takes the field in Madden 22
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FUTURE HALL OF FAMER: Expect Davante Adams to join the MUT 22 TOTW 5 lineup

He reigned supreme of all the wide receivers in Week 5 and we can't imagine a better choice for Player of the Week in MUT 22.


Team of the Week LTD - Aaron Donald (2020)

You can't have a Madden Ultimate Team without having an incredible defense! The story is the same in Madden 22 and you'll need a powerhouse rusher to destroy offensive lines.

Enter our prediction for the Team of the Week LTD in Madden 22, Aaron Donald. In Week 5 of 2020, Aaron Donald had four sacks against the Washington Football Team, tieing his career-high.

Aaron Donald heads for the sack in Madden 22
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NO.99: We anticipate Aaron Donald to be this weeks LTD

He went on the same year to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award for the third time in four years. Although we feel he'd be a great option for an LTD this week, there are a lot of players to choose from.


TOTW 5 Offensive and Defensive Heroes Predictions

This is always a tough category to pick as MUT 22 will have plenty of years and players to choose from. However, we never shy away from a challenge and will do our best to make a prediction.

The Offensive and Defensive Heroes are vital to the success of any Madden Ultimate Team. Last week we got our prediction for the offensive hero correct with Antonio Gates.

This week for MUT 22 TOTW 5 we have an idea of who could possibly be named the Offensive and Defensive Heroes in Madden 22.

Offensive Hero - Greg Olsen - 2016

If you travel back in time to 2016 you'll run into a peak tight end that caused defenses problems every single week. That tight end was Greg Olsen and one of his best outings were in Week 5 of the 2016 NFL season.

The Panthers in Madden 22
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LEGENDARY: A former Panthers star could be the Offensive Hero in MUT 22

Olsen ended his day against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 9 catches for 181 yards. Although his career has come to a close, we hope that Greg Olsen will have another chance to shine on your Madden Ultimate Team.


Defensive Hero - Lito Sheppard - 2006

Go back ten years from the potential Offensive Hero we mentioned above and you'll find the defensive back responsible for winning a game on his own for the Eagles. As the Cowboys were within striking distance to win the game Lito Shephard returned an interception for 102 yards!

This gave the Eagles a 38-24 win over the Dallas Cowboys and was Lito Sheppard's second interception of the game. He'd be a great choice to be the Defensive Hero for the MUT 22 TOTW 5.

TOTW 5 - Other Player Upgrades

As with every week, more than just the players mentioned above get a special place on the Team of the Week roster.

Although they'll have plenty to choose from we expect at least a couple of these players to land on the MUT 22 TOTW 5 lineup.

Offense: Derrick Henry, Justin Herbert, Mike Williams

These offensive powerhouses led their respective teams to victory in Week 5. Derrick Henry rushed for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns, ensuring a 37-19 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Derrick Henry runs the sideline in Madden 22
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FREIGHT TRAIN: Could Derrick Henry make the MUT 22 TOTW 5 roster?

Justin Herbert and Mike Williams had a special QB to WR connection in their Week 5 win over the Cleveland Browns. Williams especially had an incredible game with 165 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Justin Herbert threw for nearly 400 yards and four touchdowns.

Defense: Everson Griffen, Darius Slay, Kevin Byard


The defensive outing by each of these players was incredible. Everson Griffen kept the Minnesota Vikings in the game with two sacks and a forced fumble.

Darius Slay (aka Big Play Slay) lived up to his nickname with two interceptions in the Eagles win over the Carolina Panthers. Lastly, Kevin Byard ensured the Jaguars wouldn't be able to mount a comeback with his one interception returned for a touchdown.

Each of these players had an incredible defensive showing in Week 5 and could easily be added to the MUT 22 TOTW 5 roster.