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Madden 22 Tom Brady Rating: The GOAT, All MUT 22 Ratings & Cards

Madden 22 ratings continue to update as the NFL season rolls on, and Tom Brady still finds himself among the best rated quarterbacks in the game.

We've got all the details on Tom Brady and his Madden 22 rating, how much it's changed this year, and all his MUT 22 cards and ratings.

Tom Brady (QB) - 98 OVR Madden 22 Rating - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

While he did get a brief one-week stay in the 99 Club after breaking the passing record, even the removal of Tom Brady from that group couldn't stop him from being one of the most elite quarterbacks in the game.

Madden 22 Tom Brady
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THE GOAT: Brady broke a monumental record to earn the 99 Club

With Madden 22 Ratings being adjusted throughout the year, we'll first note the Overall Rating held by Tom Brady at launch and then any changes since:

  • Launch Rating: 97 OVR
  • Week 4 Rating: 99 OVR
  • Week 5 Rating: 98 OVR

Below, we'll highlight the most important Madden 22 Tom Brady ratings, with anything in BOLD indicating a 90+ rating:

  • Awareness Rating: 99
  • Throw Power Rating: 92
  • Injury Rating: 99
  • Stamina Rating: 99
  • Toughness Rating: 99
  • Throw Under Pressure Rating: 87
  • Throw Accuracy Short Rating: 99
  • Throw Accuracy Medium Rating: 98
  • Throw Accuracy Deep Rating: 95
  • Play Action Rating: 99
  • Throw On The Run Rating: 84

If you want to take a look at his full ratings, including those less important categories we've omitted here, you can find details on that here.

All Tom Brady MUT 22 Cards and Ratings

So far, there are just four MUT 22 cards for Tom Brady, but they're among some of the most coveted in all of Madden Ultimate Team this year.

TOTW LTD Tom Brady, 93 OVR Rating

After breaking the passing record, Tom Brady took a leap into the 99 Club and also received this epic TOTW Record Breaker LTD card in MUT 22.

Madden 22 Tom Brady MUT 22 Power Up
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RECORD BREAKER: Brady's TOTW card is one of the best in MUT 22

With 90+ ratings in all his passing accuracy attributes, there's no doubt this TOTW Tom Brady would be a massive grab if you can acquire one.


Core Elite Tom Brady, 87 OVR Rating

Tom Brady received his first card as part of the Core Elite set that was released when Madden 22 launched, but even this base model is very formidable.

With his most crucial passing ratings just shy of 90, this more reasonably priced alternative to TOTW LTD Brady is still a powerful option.

M22 Reward Tom Brady, 87 OVR Rating

While he's acquired differently, the M22 Reward version of Tom Brady is almost identical to his Core Elite card.

As such, you'll see many of the same top stats and strengths if you're able to snag this one.

Power Up Tom Brady, 75 OVR Rating

Finally we have Power Up Tom Brady, who will require the use of Training and items to upgrade his OVR rating and add Ability slots.

Madden 22 Tom Brady MUT 22 Power Up
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GRIND TIME: You'll have to put in some work to level up with card

While it'll take some work to get his OVR to increase, even this lower tier Tom Brady starts as a respectable QB choice if you're still building your team.