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Madden 22 Roster Update Predictions: Week 5 Player Ratings

Each week in Madden 22 players are evaluated for the way they performed in their NFL games.

This week will be no different and Madden 22 has a large sample size of incredible play from Week 5 to pull from. Some of these players could even end up on the MUT 22 TOTW 5 lineup!

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Let's go over the players we expect to see a Madden 22 rating boost as well as the ones that will fall instead.


Madden 22 Roster Update Predictions after Week 5

As the NFL steps deeper into the season, plenty of players showed up to represent their team well in Week 5. Some of them were honestly the only reason why their team won.

On the other hand, some players were responsible for holding their team back this week and could see their Madden 22 rating drop. Regardless of the outcome, they didn't contribute much to their team's success.

With that in mind let's start our predictions for the Madden 22 Week 5 Roster Update.

The Winners

Although we aren't sure how many players will see a boost once the Madden 22 Week 5 Roster Update is released, there are some players we expect to be a part of the list.

Each one of these players had a phenomenal game and deserves a ratings adjustment after their Week 5 performance. Here are our three picks for the winners of Week 5.


Derrick Henry (RB) - 97 OVR (+1) - Tennessee Titans

It's hard to argue that Derrick Henry shouldn't receive a ratings boost after his Week 5 performance. Even though he's already a 96 OVR in Madden 22, he's proving he belongs in the 99 Club.

Against the Jaguars, Derrick Henry rushed for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns. You can't have a game that dominant without seeing a point boost when the Madden 22 Roster Update goes live.

Justin Herbert (QB) - 86 OVR (+2)- Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in the AFC right now and he's proved week after week that his ratings are only going up. He's already gained four points since Madden 22 launched.

Madden 22 Justin Herbert
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+ 5
LEADERSHIP: Expect the leader of the Los Angeles Chargers to see a point boost

Herbert nearly broke 400 yards passing and paired it with four touchdowns. This was all against the Cleveland Browns' incredible pass rush. Look for Herbert to gain a few points again in Madden 22 this week as well.

Mike Williams (WR) - 84 OVR (+1)- Los Angeles Chargers

The man that Herbert couldn't stop throwing to on Sunday was wide receiver Mike Williams who lit up the Cleveland Browns secondary. His longest touchdown? A 72-yard reception! Not only that, later that day he followed it up with a 42-yard touchdown reception.

Mike Williams in Madden 22
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+ 5
BIG TIME: Expect Mike Williams to see a significant bump to his Madden 22 rating

Williams finished the day with 165 receiving yards on just 8 receptions. He's definitely a huge reason why the Chargers beat the Browns 47-42 and deserves a significant bump to his Madden 22 rating.


The Losers

Of course with each winner, there has to be a loser as well. Week 5 seen its fair share of players who couldn't do much to help their team secure a victory.

Those players will inevitably see a drop to their rating when the Madden 22 roster update is revealed. Here are a few players that we believe should expect to see Madden 22 ratings drop.

Sam Darnold (QB) - 72 OVR (-1) - Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold had an incredible outing in Week 4 and was a player we expected to see increase his standing in Week 5. However, he regressed drastically, throwing just 1 TD along with 3 INTs.

Sam Darnold throws the ball in Madden 22
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+ 5
1ST TO WORST: Expect a few points to be deducted from Darnold's Madden 22 rating

Those 3 interceptions inevitably led to more opportunities for his opponent and ended up costing the Carolina Panthers the game. Darnold should definitely expect a ratings knock in the Madden 22 roster update.

Jared Goff (QB) - 76 OVR (-1) - Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions had an opportunity to steal a game from the Minnesota Vikings, but Jared Goff was unable to come through in the clutch. He's also responsible for two turnovers that dealt a blow to the Lions' momentum.

Jared Goff in Madden 22
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+ 5
TOUGH LOSS: The Lions suffered a loss due to two turnovers by Jared Goff

He finished the game with 203 yards passing and no touchdowns. His QB rating was an awful 64.3, which means his Madden 22 rating should receive at least a point drop once the Madden roster update is live.

Derek Carr (QB) - 82 OVR (-1) - Las Vegas Raiders

If you're looking to point fingers at the reason why the Raiders lost, Derek Carr is probably who you should be aiming at. He was off the entire night and wound up with 0 touchdowns and an interception.

Derek Carr in Madden 22
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+ 5
OFF NIGHT: Derek Carr had a tough day on Sunday against the Chicago Bears

He went 22 for 35, was sacked three times, and finished with a QB rating of just 67.1, one of the lowest of the week. We expect a couple of points to be taken off that 83 OVR after the week 5 Madden 22 roster update goes live.