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Madden 22 Ratings: Tom Brady joins the 99 Club after record breaking week

Tom Brady is back to his 99 OVR rating in Madden 22 this week after breaking the all-time NFL passing yard record on Sunday against his former home, the Patriots!

Here's all of the latest details and how Madden 22 ratings are shifting this week, including some 99 Club action.

Tom Brady Joins the Madden 22 99 Club

Tom Brady returned to New England with his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad straight off of a Super Bowl victory, his first outside of the Patriots.

Madden 22 Tom Brady Buccaneers under center 99 club
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GOAT STATUS: Brady smashed the passing record in heavy New England rain

Brady may not have had the massive, lights-out game he was hoping for, but it will be a game that's remembered forever.

That's because Tom Brady managed to pass the all-time NFL passing yard record against his former team, passing Drew Brees at 80,560 passing yards.

The legend will show it in Madden 22, joining the 99 Club temporarily this week!

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Madden 22 Ratings Update

Each week EA shakes things up across Madden 22 ratings with a huge roster update.

Madden 22 sam darnold carolina panthers
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TAKEOFF: The Madden 22 roster update gives players a chance to rise each week in the ratings

These roster updates change over 100 Madden 22 ratings, with some rising and others falling based on their performance in the NFL that week.

The latest Madden 22 roster update includes a new 99 Club member, but that certainly isn't all!

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