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What does a Madden Champion want for Madden 22?

While players are still competing in Madden 21, there's already hype building for the release of Madden 22 later this year.

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When we recently spoke to Madden Champion Henry Leverette, we got his thoughts on what he wants to see when Madden 22 arrives.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete Chosen by a Champion


With the release of Madden 22 still months away, much of the early excitement focuses on which NFL player will be chosen at the game's cover athlete.

We previously looked at some of the top contenders to be this year's cover athlete, but Henry Leverette gave us his own picks.

"I’d go with DeAndre Hopkins or Jaire Alexander," Henry said. "They’re my two favorite players to watch in the NFL as of now, so I’d have to go with them."

Madden 22 Cover Athlete
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COVER STAR: Henry picked Hopkins and Alexander as future cover athletes

Both Hopkins and Alexander are coming off strong seasons where each earned a spot on the Pro Bowl roster, but the traditional game wasn't held due to concerns with the ongoing global pandemic.

However, an alternate event was held on January 31 featuring a combination of NFL stars and other celebrities controlling the Pro Bowl teams in a Madden 21 matchup.


New and Returning Feature in Madden 22

When it comes to gameplay and features that could be changing in Madden 22, Henry talked about one specific thing he wants to see back in the game.

"A new feature I’d like to see is a feature that was in the game last year, such as pressing L2 or LT if you’re behind the scrimmage on a passing play, to turn yourself into a runner," Henry said.

"This is a skill gap feature that I feel should have never left," he added.

Tournament Expansion

When we spoke, another thing Henry Leverette made sure to mention was his hope that Madden 22 will have even more tournaments and how that might help keep the game thriving after it's released.

"I’d hope to see more tournaments throughout the year, in general, even if the prize pool wasn’t as big as the main tournaments," he continued. "Seeing a $5,000 tournament each month or something along the lines of that would be amazing."


"It would keep Madden fresh and competitive throughout the entire year, while still having the major tournaments to compete in," Henry said. "Some people lose in Clubs and store up Madden until the next game comes out to try again."

"I think that if they had something to continuously compete in, they’d have a reason to always play," he said.

Who is Madden 21 Champion Henry Leverette?

In the EA Sports Madden Bowl: Draft Edition, Henry Leverette was the captain of Team Henry and lead his team to victory at only 18 years of age.

Madden 21 Top Tips Beginners Madden Bowl Draft Edition Champion Henry Leverette
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WORDS OF A CHAMPION: Henry Leverette is more than just an Eagles fan

The victory was the first major title for Henry, but it was his sixth consecutive EA Major appearance. That's the longest active streak today and one short of the all-time record.

"It felt great to win the Madden Bowl with the team I drafted," Henry said of their championship victory. "I was fortunate enough to get a great pick in the draft, and I was able to draft two competitors that I’ve known for a long time and have been good friends with."

You can find Henry Leverette on Twitch or Twitter.