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15 Sep 2020

Madden 21: New TOTW structure coming to MUT

Madden 21 will see a new format for the Madden 21 MUT TOTW program.

MUT 21 TOTW Josh Jacobs
RESPECT YOUR HISTORY: Players will be honored for historic games, and making new history

Instead of the previous system of selecting players for having the best performance in the NFL that week, players will now be chosen for historic performances as well.

TOTW will bring new cards for players that had big performances on the same week in previous seasons. For instance, this week will include Arian Foster.

Arian Foster MUT 21 TOTW 1
LEGENDS: TOTW will now mix in legends who performed this week in previous seasons

The MUT team will favor players that are older, and haven't been in the game recently, according to Good Morning Madden.

Current stars will no longer receive a default OVR rating, but rather another power-up level that players can spend training on to increase their ratings by 1.

MUT 21 Adam Thielen 1
CURRENT STARS: The rewards for current stars are a bit different in MUT 21 TOTW

Madden 21 will also have less TOTW players each week, which might help keep ratings and power creep under control.