25 Mar 2021 4:11 PM +00:00

Madden 21 LTDs for Poole and Kelly Go Live

Madden 21 is always dropping new content for Ultimate Team, and that includes a new pair of LTDs each week for players to add to their own team.

This week, the two big names dropped for MUT 21 are Ryan Kelly and Brian Poole, and they'd be major boosts to any Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 LTDs are Live Now

Each week there are new LTDs available for a limited time on Madden 21, and that's continued this week with two new powerful cards up for grabs.


Ryan Kelly, a Center from the Indianapolis Colts, is this week's offensive LTD with a powerful 98 OVR card.

On the other side of the ball, we have Cornerback Brian Poole from the New York Jets ready to supercharge your defense in Ultimate Team.

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Brian Poole and Ryan Kelly LTD Stats

If you're looking to bolster your defense in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, the new Brian Poole (CB) 98 OVR is a great place to start.

Madden 21 MUT 21 Brian Poole LTD cards
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THE QUICKNESS: Poole will immediately speed up your defense

Poole is rocking an insane 97 in Acceleration, Play Recognition, and Man Coverage on top of his 96 in Speed and 95 in Zone Coverage.

On the other side there's Ryan Kelly (C) 98 OVR to anchor your offensive line, and he's got the potential to be a cornerstone in the long term.

Madden 21 MUT 21 Ultimate Team Ryan Kelly LTD card
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HOLD THE LINE: Kelly will bolster every facet of your offense

Kelly is heavily fortified with a 98 in Awareness and 98 in Pass Block Power, but he's also got a 97 in Pass Block, 96 in Pass Block Finesse, and 95 in Run Block Power.

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