MUT 21 Veterans dropped for Wildcard Wednesday

Madden 21 Ultimate Team has recently released Team Diamonds 2 and MUT Free Agency, but now there are five brand new players available for MUT Veterans.

MUT Veterans isn't a new promo for Ultimate Team, but the five new players released for Wildcard Wednesday are gamechangers for anyone's team in Madden 21.

MUT Veterans is live in Madden 21

MUT Veterans released today as part of Wildcard Wednesday, and we saw two of the huge new player cards teased as EA Sports allowed Muthead to make the reveal.


The cards for MUT Veterans versions of Robert Griffin III and Josh Norman were both initially revealed, and both are coming in hot with a 95 OVR.

However, that wasn't all we get, as three more were dropped today with the full release and launch of MUT Veterans for Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

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All MUT 21 Veterans Released for Wildcard Wednesday

Madden 21 has five new MUT Veterans released for Wildcard Wednesday, and they're all strong additions to any Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 MUT Veterans RG III Robert Griffin Card Ultimate Team
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RUN WITH ROBERT: Griffin III is out now with MUT Veterans

While all five players have a 95 OVR, let's take a look at each of them and which stats stand out the most.


Robert Griffin III (QB) 95 OVR

Every good Ultimate Team needs a playmaker at quarterback, MUT Veterans RG III isn't a bad pick by any means with a 95 in Running and Throw Power.

He's also got a 94 in Throw Accuracy Short, and a 93 in Throw Under Pressure, Speed, and Play Action.

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Josh Norman (CB) 95 OVR

Josh Norman is coming in with 94+ in five different stats, and that includes a 95 in Acceleration and Jumping.

Norman has also got a 94 in Speed, 94 in Agility, 94 in Press, and 93 in Play Recognition to round out a great defensive acquisition.

Randall Cobb (WR) 95 OVR

A quarterback can only be as good as the receivers he's throwing to, and Randall Cobb's 94 in Speed, Catching, and Short Route Running all help him fill that role.

GO LONG: Cobb is there for the big catches in Madden 21
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GO LONG: Cobb is there for the big catches in Madden 21

Cobb has also got a 93 in Medium Route Running, 92 in Spectacular Catch, and 92 in Catch in Traffic to round things out.


Robert Quinn (ROLB) 95 OVR

Having a powerful player at linebacker can make a defense truly terrifying, and Robert Quinn is coming in with a 97 in Power Moves to set the tone here.

He's also got a 95 in Play Recognition, 94 in Tackle, 91 in Finesse Moves, and 90 in Acceleration that'll make any defense better with him on the field.

Tashaun Gipson Sr (SS) 95 OVR

If you want someone to make an impact on defense, Gipson Sr is a great choice, as he's got an undeniable quickness with a 92 in Speed and 95 in Acceleration.

Gipson Sr also has a 93 in Play Recognition, 94 in Zone Coverage, and also excels with a devastating 95 in Pursuit.

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