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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Dallas Cowboys cards to buy - Irvin, Smith, Sanders & more

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful and
storied franchises in NFL history. Along with the moniker “America’s Team” they
have five Lombardi Trophies and a ridiculous 25 Hall of Fame players, coaches,
and NFL personnel have been associated with the famous star.

As a result, the Cowboys have a litany of quality cards in Madden 20’s Ultimate team who almost always feature among the top in their position.

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With team chemistry offering stat boosts to all players, it
is smart to stack quality cards from the same team where possible and reap the
benefits. So who are the best Dallas Cowboys MUT has to offer?


Michael Irvin (94 OVR)

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Program: Harvest

Position: WR


Auction House Value: Xbox – 361k / PS4 – 358k / PC 369k

This card is a monster. With 93 jumping and 92 in speed, acceleration, catching in traffic, and spectacular catch he can dominate cornerbacks.

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Irvin is also a beast with the ball in his hands thanks to
89 juke move, 88 elusiveness, and 85 broken tackle. This card comes at a pretty
big cost in the Auction House, but it’s well worth it if you like airing the
ball out and playing physical football outside the numbers.

Emmitt Smith (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 351k / PS4 – 375k / PC 401k

This one is a nightmare to play against, which can only mean
it is spectacular to play with right? The NFL’s leading rusher, Smith can do it

With 93 carrying he isn’t going to fumble, while his 93 agility,
91 speed, and 91 acceleration make him deadly in the open field. With 90 juke
move, 90 ball elusiveness, 88 spin move, and 86 trucking you have all the tools
to break tackles and rack up yards.

Deion Sanders (94 OVR)

Deion Sanders' 94 OVR NFL 100 MUT card
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Program: NFL 100


Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 451k / PS4 – 475k / PC - 399k

No surprise to see Deion Sanders up here. Prime Time is a
brilliant cornerback and deadly return man too.

With 94 man coverage and 91 zone coverage he fits any defensive scheme, while his 95 speed, 95 acceleration, and 92 jumping means he can compete with anyone down the field.

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He is an expensive purchase, but Sanders is easily the best cornerback in MUT right now so he is well worth it.

Larry Allen (94 OVR)

Larry Allen's 94 OVR NFL 100 MUT card
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Program: NFL 100


Position: RG

Auction House Value: Xbox – 451k / PS4 – 481k / PC – 401k

The monstrous Larry Allen fully deserves this card. The seven-time First-Team All-Pro guard won one Super Bowl in his time with Dallas, but is synonymous with throwing defenders across the field.

This Allen card comes with 94 run blocking, 91 pass block, and a massive 95 strength to move bodies out of the way.

Michael Gallup (94 OVR)

Michael Gallup's 94 OVR TOTW MUT card
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Program: TOTW


Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 504k / PS4 – 393k / PC – Unknown

Michael Gallup is not yet a household name, but he could be soon. The Dallas wide receiver got this massive TOTW card for his 98-yard, three-touchdown performance in Week 17.

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This Gallup card has 93 acceleration and 92 speed, along with a massive 94 deep route running, 92 spectacular catch, and 92 juke move.

All the best Dallas Cowboys MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Michael Irvin94WRHarvest361k / 358k
Emmitt Smith94HBNFL 100351k / 375k
Deion Sanders94CBNFL 100451k / 475k
Larry Allen94RGNFL 100451k / 481k
Michael Gallup94WRTOTW504k / 393k
Leighton Vander Esch94ROLBGhosts of Madden - Present219k / 216k
Deion Sanders92CBMUT 10400k / 420k
Ed Too Tall Jones92LELegends181k / 172k
Travis Frederick92CMost Feared291k / 300k
Ezekiel Elliott92HBSignature Series490k / 502k
Jaylon Smith91MLBBlitz151k / 146k
Tory Aikman91QBLegends117k / 118k
Dak Prescott91QBHarvest110k / 108k
Byron Jones91CBJourneyNA
Ed Too Tall Jones91LELegends85.6k / 89.3k
Sean Lee90MLBFlashbacks81.1k / 79.6k
Jason Witten90TEHeroes102k / 99.9k
DeMarcus Lawrence89LESuperstars98.8k / 107k
Amari Cooper89WRFootball Outsiders63.8k / 59.1k
Leighton Vander Esch89ROLBUltimate Kickoff85.3k / 76.5k
Mel Renfro89CBTheme Diamonds89.6k / 79.6k
Larry Allen89RGLegends74.9k / 75.1k
Troy Aikman89QBLegends59.6k / 59.1k

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