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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Jacksonville Jaguars cards to buy in MUT – Calais Campbell, John Henderson, & more

A relatively new franchise, the Jaguars were formed in 1995 and have only been to the playoffs 7 times. They have had a tough decade and don't have the historic legends of some of the other franchises.

That said, they have some great talent on their current roster and are bringing through some young talent too.

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Which of the Jags will be the ones you need to give your MUT a boost?


Calais Campbell (96 OVR)

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Program: Team of the Year

Position: RT


Auction House Value: Xbox – 374k / PS4 – 376k / PC – Unknown

The 33-year-old vet has been one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL for many years. He continued to be dominant this year with 37 tackles, 6.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles.

92 power moves and 89 finesse moves are a powerful combination. 93 strength is a great enabler for these pass-rushing moves. 96 block shed will get off the line well, and 95 tackle wraps up the ball carrier. As you would expect from a Team of the Year card, this is a great player.

Logan Cooke (93 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: QB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 145k / PS4 – 145k / PC - 161k

With 62 punts in the 20 in his first couple of years, Cooke is already considered one of the best young punters in the league.

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95 kick power and 86 kick accuracy are all that matters for this card. The power is clearly very strong and useful for long punts. Accuracy could be a bit better but it's still usable.

John Henderson (92 OVR)

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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past


Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 145k / PS4 – 149k / PC - 130k

A 1st round pick in 2002, "Big John" was infamous for his aggressive warm-up routines. But they clearly worked and dominated at stuffing the run with a 6ft7, 335lb frame.

93 strength with 89 power moves is crucial to playing DT in a 3-4 scheme. 91 block shed and 89 tackle support getting to the ball carrier and filling up the middle of the OL.

AJ Bouye (92 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: K

Auction House Value: Xbox – Unknown / PS4 – Unknown / PC – Unknown

AJ Bouye impressed originally with the Texans, but he moved to the Jags in 2018 and made the Pro Bowl that year on the back of a career-best six interceptions. He has struggled to replicate that form since but is still a good CB.

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89 man and zone cover split him equally across coverages, but 91 press will help in the slot. 93 acceleration is also valuable with 90 agility. 88 speed is a little lower than his elite peers.

Josh Allen (91 OVR)

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Program: Legends


Position: RE

Auction House Value: Xbox – 92.1k / PS4 – 91.6k / PC - 125k

The 7th overall pick in this year's draft, Allen has delivered a decent Rookie year. 10.5 sacks have him at 14th in the league, with 2 forced fumbles as a result.

At 262lbs he is more of an OLB in 3-4 than a RE, 86 finesse moves would line up with that. 85 speed and 87 acceleration alongside 90 pursuit and 89 hit power will get tackles, sacks, and fumbles. These are decent numbers without being an elite card - hence being available for around 100k.

All the best Jacksonville Jaguars MUT cards

Calais Campbell96LETOTY374k
Logan Cooke93PFootball Outsiders145k
John Henderson92DTLegends145k
AJ Bouye92CBHarvest 
Josh Allen91LEBlitz92.1k
Telvin Smith91ROLBSignature Series343k
Jalen Ramsey91CBMUT Heroes111k
Marcedes Lewis90TEFlashbacks88.9k
Brandon Linder89CUltimate Kickoff99.1k
Leonard Fournette89HBGauntlet I 
Allen Robinson89WRFlashbacks53.1k
Gardner Minshew II89QBTOTW44.5k

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The NFL Playoffs are here. We have seen several upsets during Wildcard weekend, as the Houston Texans were the only home team to advance to the Divisional round and that was only thanks to a frantic comeback and some overtime heroics.

With the New England Patriots sent packing by the Tennessee Titans we will see a new Super Bowl champion in February.

To celebrate the playoffs Madden Ultimate Team have dropped a new program of cards: NFL Playoffs.

The top end of this set will be starters in even the best lineups, but even at the lower OVR levels, several of these cards can improve on some of the bargain players you have been making the most of.

You can read about the best NFL Playoffs players here.