Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best New York Jets cards to buy in MUT – LeVeon Bell, Jamal Adams, & more

Playing in the huge market of New York is not easy. The green side of the city has had its fair share of legends, including Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath.

This hasn't translated to success on the field and they only have one title to their name which they got pre-merger in 1968.

That said, they have some great young talent on this roster coming through to take note of. So who do the Jets have that can give your MUT a boost?

Kevin Mawae (95 OVR)

Kevin Mawae's 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden - Past MUT card
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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past

Position: C

Auction House Value: Xbox – 375k / PS4 – 376k / PC –438k

Mawae played for three teams but is most remembered for his seven seasons with the Jets. An eight-time Pro Bowler, he was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019. He was a key part in helping the Jets set rushing records.

94 run block and 92 run block with 90 impact block and 95 lead block make him one of the best OL available in MUT to run the ball with. 92 strength and 82 acceleration are great physicals to support this down the field.

LeVeon Bell (93 OVR)

LeVeon Bell's 93 OVR Most Feared MUT card
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Program: Most Feared

Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 308k / PS4 – 300k / PC - Unknown

After establishing himself as one of the best backs in the league with the Steelers, Bell sat out the 2018 season in protest for a new deal with a new team. The Jets dutifully paid him what he wanted and he has been less explosive this season. But the three-time Pro Bowler has undeniable talent.

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94 juke move is deadly when combined with 93 agility and 94 ball carrier moves. 91 stiff arm and 91 spin moves also help to make Bell very elusive. 81 short route is good for a HB and makes him a dual-threat from the backfield.

Avery Williamson (92 OVR)

Avery Williamson's 92 OVR Signature Series MUT card
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Program: Signature Series

Position: MLB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 346k / PS4 – 375k / PC - Unknown

A 5th round pick in 2014 for the Titans, Williamson established himself as a very solid all-rounder and joined the Jets in 2018. A mix of sacks, interceptions and a tackle machine, he has helped the green defense tick.

65 zone cover is ok, but not the best, but Williamson is known for run defense. 92 block shed will get off the line and 94 play recognition and 95 pursuit helps him get to the ball. 91 tackling will get the runner wrapped up.

Robby Anderson (91 OVR)

Robby Anderson's 91 OVR Blitz MUT card
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Program: Blitz

Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 94.4k / PS4 – 95.9k / PC – 101k

The Jets picked up Anderson when he went undrafted in 2016. Despite not having a 1,000-yard season, he has averaged five TDs a season and is a legitimate deep threat for the team.

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93 speed is dangerous in MUT, but 90 deep route and 90 catching really make him stand out. 84 release isn't the best and neither is 84 catch in traffic. But if he gets 1-on-1 on the outside, he's a vertical threat.

Jamal Adams (91 OVR)

Jamal Adams' 91 OVR MUT Heroes card
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Program: MUT Heroes

Position: SS

Auction House Value: Xbox – 175k / PS4 – 151k / PC - 113k

Taken with the 6th overall pick in 2017, Adams is one of the most exciting young players in the NFL. In 3 seasons, he already has two Pro Bowl appearances, 12 sacks, two interceptions and six forced fumbles to his name.

This card is all about the 94 hit power, which will cause fumbles in MUT. 87 zone cover and 86 man cover is impressive enough, without being the best. 90 pursuit and 92 play recognition will have him all over the field picking up tackles.

All the best New York Jets MUT cards

AH Value (Xbox/PS4)  
Kevin Mawae
Ghosts of Madden
LeVeon Bell
Most Feared
Avery Williamson
Signature Series
Robby Anderson
Jamal Adams
MUT Heroes
Leonard Williams
Ultimate Kickoff
Kevin Mawae
Demario Davis
CJ Mosley
James Burgess Jr
Football Outsiders
Wayne Chrebet
Theme Diamonds
Brian Winters
Most Feared
Quinnen Williams
Football Outsiders

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The NFL Playoffs are here. We have seen several upsets during Wildcard weekend, as the Houston Texans were the only home team to advance to the Divisional round and that was only thanks to a frantic comeback and some overtime heroics.

With the New England Patriots sent packing by the Tennessee Titans we will see a new Super Bowl champion in February.

To celebrate the playoffs Madden Ultimate Team have dropped a new program of cards: NFL Playoffs.

The top end of this set will be starters in even the best lineups, but even at the lower OVR levels several of these cards can improve on some of the bargain players you have been making the most of.

You can read about the best NFL Playoffs players here.

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