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Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Cincinnati Bengals cards to buy in MUT – Corey Dillon, Geno Atkins & more

Cincinnati have had a tough existence and they are one of the few teams that have no Super Bowl to their names. Their recent records have been difficult with no playoff appearance in the last five years.

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That said, they have some great talent on this roster coming through to take note of. So who do the Bengals have that can give your MUT a boost?

Corey Dillon (95 OVR)

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Program: Legends


Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 278k / PS4 – 275k / PC – 295k

Despite having his best single-season at the New England Patriots, Dillon is a Bengals legend. He had six 1,000 rushing yard seasons in a row before a disappointing final season before he left. In an 89 TD career, he went to claim four Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl.

94 carrying and 94 break tackle are key for a power back. 95 stiff arm and 93 ball carrier vision are also up there with the best. And he isn't slow either, 92 acceleration and 91 speed make Dillon and hugely talented HB that will get your running game going.

Geno Atkins (95 OVR)

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Program: Team of the Year


Position: DT

Auction House Value: Xbox – 344k / PS4 – Unknown / PC - Unknown

Geno Atkins has been a star for the Bengals since being picked up in the fourth round in 2010. Atkins hasn't had the best season of his career but he has been characteristically consistent. 47 tackles and 4.5 sacks, he is great at disrupting the running game.

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95 power moves are up there with the best, and 92 strength is a match for the biggest OL. 95 play recognition and 90 pursuit will get to the ball carrier quickly, especially with 91 block shed. 85 hit power will get the odd fumble from the smaller HBs too.

Anthony Munoz (94 OVR)

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Program: NFL 100


Position: LT

Auction House Value: Xbox – 280k / PS4 – 277k / PC - 312k

The 3rd overall pick in 1980, Munoz is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame after 12 seasons with the Bengals. The 11x Pro Bowler and 9x First Team All Pro played in 2 Super Bowls - losing both to the 49ers.

91 strength is needed to battle the top rushers, and 92 run block with 94 pass block is an unreal combination. 90 lead block and 90 impact block round out the technical masterclass with this card.

Randy Bullock (93 OVR)

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Program: Football Outsiders


Position: K

Auction House Value: Xbox – 166k / PS4 – 180k / PC – 239k

Currently the 21st most accurate kicker in NFL history, Bullock has had a decent career despite moving around a lot. This season, he made a career-long of 57 yards against the Dolphins which was also a franchise record.

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There's only two stats that really matter to a kicker. 95 kick power is up there as the highest possible. 85 kick accuracy could be better but is more than enough to have a big leg game.

William Jackson (93 OVR)

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Program: Signature Series


Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 307k / PS4 – 300k / PC - Unknown

A late 1st rounder in 2016, Jackson has quietly carved a good career for himself at the Bengals. He has had a decent number of tackles and deflections in his 2 seasons, but having only 1 interception has stopped him from getting more wider recognition.

92 man cover and 88 Zone cover with 87 press make him one of the best corners available in MUT. Especially with 92 speed and acceleration. 87 agility could be a little higher but don't let that put you off, there's a reason he's 300k.

All the best Cincinnati Bengals MUT cards

Corey Dillon95HBLegends278k
Geno Atkins95DTTOTY344k
Anthony Munoz94LTNFL 100280k
Randy Bullock93KFootball Outsiders166k
William Jackson93CBSignature Series307k
Joe Mixon93HBTOTW171k
Geno Atkins90DTHeavyweights82.1k
Tyler Boyd90WRMUT Heroes66.6k
AJ Green90WRMost Feared 
Sam Hubbard87REZero Chill26.5k

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The NFL Playoffs are here. We have seen several upsets during Wildcard weekend, as the Houston Texans were the only home team to advance to the Divisional round and that was only thanks to a frantic comeback and some overtime heroics.

With the New England Patriots sent packing by the Tennessee Titans we will see a new Super Bowl champion in February.

To celebrate the playoffs Madden Ultimate Team have dropped a new program of cards: NFL Playoffs.

The top end of this set will be starters in even the best lineups, but even at the lower OVR levels several of these cards can improve on some of the bargain players you have been making the most of.

You can read about the best NFL Playoffs players here.