Madden 20: What you need to know about the new 'Taysom Hill Formation' - Shotgun play, adjustments & more

Announced in a recent update, Madden 20 will get a some new packages in the Saints playbook specifically designed around dangerous all-rounder Taysom Hill.

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They are unique package adjustments in ‘Taysom Hill’ formation that allows the QB3 to be subbed into multiple offensive skill positions (Taysom Hill HB, Taysom Hill TE, Taysom Hill WR)

Taysom Hill (OVR 58)

Hill came into the league in 2017 as an un-drafted free agent. Due to 4 separate season ending injuries and taking time out between High School and College - Hill was 27 as a rookie which is fairly old.

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VERSATILE: Hill has a wide variety of skills that can be handy

That wise head has helped him make a name for himself at the Saints for doing everything. He is one of few players who racks up passing, receiving, rushing and return yards.


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His Madden rating is low (58 OVR), but he has good Speed (89), Acceleration (87) and Agility (83). Throwing leaves a bit of gap, especially when listed as a QB. He has low Throw Power (82), Short Accuracy (75) and Middle Accuracy (67).

Given these formations allow him to line up at WR, TE and HB - his Catching (63) isn't impressive, neither is Carrying (69).

‘Taysom Hill QB’ Shotgun formation

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MIX IT UP: WR, TE, HB and QB options for where Hill lines up


In the Saints Playbook, under Shotgun there is now a section called Taysom Hill QB. This contains 6 different plays that subs in your 3rd QB. Within them there is a mix of option and passing plays that will feature Hill at QB.

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Given it's subbing players in, your opponent should be more alert to things, but it still gives you the option to pass when they probably expect a QB run.

Other Adjustments

Within other formations there is the ability to make adjustments;

  • Singleback Wing Tight U, Singleback Wing Pair & Singleback Wing Tight with Taysom Hill at the TE3 position
  • Changed Gun DBL Y Flex Wk to Gun Taysom Slot, with Taysom Hill in the slot receiver position

These are accessed by selection the formation then pressing RB/R1 to bring up substitutions. Then when you find the right position, your QB3 name will appear and be able to be sub in. However, note if you already have him somewhere else on the field, it won't show.

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This is a great step forward for Madden. EA often say they want to keep up with what we are seeing in the real NFL and this definitely supports that. There is a difficulty in maintaining an accurate stats database whilst trying to support this.

Hill's ratings just don't support these plays working well. In the real NFL, it acts as deception because the teams don't know which weapon Hill is about to use. In this format, when Hill lines up at TE or WR, the opponent knows his catching is terrible and therefore he's not really a proper threat.

As MUT gets used to using this package I am sure we will see more interesting uses with different players lining up in the back field together that can either pass or run their way to victory.

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