Madden 20 NFL Free Agency LIVE: Missions, solo challenges, sets, packs & more

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The Free Agency promo is now live in Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

The content gives all those in self-isolation something to grind though with new solo challenges and a fresh batch of cards to chase.

The masters are also in the game. At 98 OVR they will be beasts!

So what about the rest of the promo? What can we expect for missions and solo challenges? Let's take a look.


FA mission mut
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WEEK 1 MASTER: Does that mean there will be Week 2 Masters???

When you log in you will see your NFL Free Agency missions!

This will navigate you to the appropriate spot for challenges, buying packs, and putting cards into the sets.

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Of course, not everyone will be able to snap up the cards they want from the Auction House, so what can you earn through Solo Challenges?

Solo Challenges

There will be a chance for solo grinders to earn a 96 OVR NAT Free Agency Hero card!

That's always a welcome bonus, and will certainly help toward completing a Master set.

You will need 120 stars to earn that NAT player. Unfortunately, you won't be able to earn enough stars until Week 2, but at least it means you won't be spending hours glued to the solos straight away!


MUT free agency sets clowney
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COLLECT 'EM ALL: Complete the set, get a great card!

You can build your way up to the Masters by completing sets.

What needs to go in them? Well let's have a look.

To get one of the two 98 OVR masters you will need to add three of the 96 OVR Free Agency Heroes to a set.

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You'll get two back as NATs, plus the power up item and of course that 98 OVR card.

That's a pretty good deal.

There is also a set for the 96 OVR Heroes, so you don't need to get lucky with pack pulls!

MUT free agency sets hero
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You can get one of the 96 OVR Heroes by adding three 90-94 OVR and four 87-89 OVR Free Agency players to these sets.

Simply stack up your cards and keep adding in players to earn those higher cards!


MUT free agency packs
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OUCH: That's an expensive pack

Don't hold your breath for affordable packs!

If you want to start pulling Free Agency cards and cross your fingers for a 96 OVR you can, but it will cost you.


There will be an 87+ OVR player pack for 3,900 training, and a Free Agency pack for 40,000 coins that guarantees one 87+ OVR FA player.

House Rules

Free Agency House Rules are coming, but they won't go live until Friday with the MUT Series 6 update.

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