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Madden 20 MUT Series 6: Who will be the master? Tom Brady, Travis Kelce, Master OVR & more

The sporting world may be on hold thanks to coronavirus, but Madden 20's Ultimate Team continues!

We know that MUT Series 6 has a release date of 20 March.

However, we don't yet know who the series master will be.

Every MUT Series has a master that can only be bought with Series Trophies or via the Auction House.

Who will it be this time? Let's look at the leading candidates.

Master OVR

Series 5 master Joey Bosa was 97 OVR. This means whoever the Series 6 master is, they will likely get a 99 OVR card.

The only natural 99 OVR in the game right now is Patrick Mahomes' MVP Super Bowl card.

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However, plenty of power-up players can get to 99 OVR, and with the Golden Ticket players coming in at some point there will be more in the game.

Coming off the back of a defensive master, we should be on offense in Series 6.

Who is likely to get the Series 6 master?

Tom Brady

tom brady madden
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ICON: Brady is the most successful NFL player ever

The GOAT is currently a free agent and could play anywhere in 2020.

That means that he might get the Free Agent promo master, but if not he should be the Series 6 master.

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We are yet to see a QB take this spot, and while a lot of players will have Mahomes or TOTY Russell Wilson, there is certainly a market for a 99 OVR Tom Brady.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce in Madden 20
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ELITE: Kelce is a monster with the ball in his hands

Chiefs theme teams aren't exactly dying for a tight end option, but there is no doubt that Kelce deserves a fresh card.

With HB and WR already done in Series masters, TE would be a natural position to go to. George Kittle got the big TOTY card, so if they go to TE it will be Kelce.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones Madden 20
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CAN'T STOP ME: Julio Jones is a force of nature

The amazing Atlanta Falcons wide receiver didn't get a TOTY card or NFL Honors like DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas.

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He hasn't seen a fresh card since January and his 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden - Present card. So Julio Jones is due an upgrade and is always a popular player thanks to his physicality and sensational hands. He'd be a worthy 99 OVR master.

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