Madden 20: These 5 players NEED an OVR boost after Week 3

Who has been playing so well that EA need to fix their ratings in the next roster update?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The NFL season is just three weeks old and things are not quite how the experts thought they would be.

Ok, so the Patriots & Chiefs are amazing and the Dolphins are terrible, but much of the league continues to exist in such a state of flux that it is almost impossible to predict.

As a result, there are a lot of Madden 20 ratings that look off compared to the players on-field performances.

While there are some that need lowering (Melvin Gordon) there are a few that really need a big correction given their quality play on Sundays. Who are they?

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Shaquil Barrett, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (79 OVR)

Age: 26

Position: LOLB

Development Trait: Star

Best Stats: Acceleration (87), Pursuit (85), Finesse Moves (81), Block Shed (81), Tackle (81), Hit Power (80)

The surprises start with the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally have a pass rush. Outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett, who came over in the offseason as a free agent on a low-risk 1-year deal, is the NFL leader in sacks through three weeks with a massive 8. He picked up 4 of those in the Bucs surprising loss to the New York giants on Sunday and should get a MUT Team Of The Week card thanks to that performance.

A former undrafted free agent, Barrett is already hitting career-high marks. Madden ratings adjustors may want to see a bit more from Barrett before shooting his OVR into 83+ range, but his finesse moves (81) and power moves (64) should see a boost in the next update, along with his hit power (80) after he forced two fumbles last week.

John Ross, Cincinnati Bengals (76 OVR)

Age: 23

Position: WR

Development Trait: Normal

Best Stats: Speed (97), Acceleration (95), Agility (93), Jumping (88), Deep Route (80), Catching (78), Short Route (77), Spectacular Catch (77)

John Ross has long been a frustration to Bengals fans and a star for Madden players. As the ninth-overall pick in 2017, Ross has been a massive disappointment for the Bengals so far, but in 2019 he is already set a career-high in receiving yards with 292.

After a big first two games Ross was kept quiet by Buffalo and their elite cornerback Tre’Davious White on Sunday. Maybe that will prevent EA from upping Ross’ ratings in this weeks update, but his medium route running (75) and catching in traffic (75) needs to get a bump, as does his release (71).

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Jamie Collins, New England Patriots (74 OVR)

Age: 29

Position: ROLB

Development Trait: Normal

Best Stats: Jumping (92), Acceleration (88), Play Recognition (86), Speed (85), Awareness (84), Pursuit (83), Tackle (78), Block Shed (67)

Jamie Collins departed the Patriots in 2016 before he hit free agency and moved to Cleveland. After 2.5 disappointing seasons with the Browns he returned to New England and has looked like a changed player.

Moving all over the defensive front, Collins has been making plays throughout the first few games. He has two interceptions, including returning one for a touchdown, and three pass deflections. He’s got 2.5 sacks already and 5 TFLs as well as 19 total tackles.

Collins needs a bump in his finesse moves (54) and zone coverage (65) in the next roster update, as well as an up-tick in awareness (84).

Terry McLaurin, Washington Redskins (73 OVR)

Age: 22

Position: WR

Development Trait: Normal

Best Stats: Speed (93), Acceleration (91), Jumping (88), Catching (83), Spectacular Catch (83), Catch In Traffic (81), Short Route (77)

Judging rookies is an incredibly difficult thing for the Madden ratings team. You never really know how one players college performance will translate at the pro level. As a result they normally go off draft position and Combine stats, and some players slip through the net.

That has happened to Redskins rookie Terry McLaurin who was taken in the third-round. In Madden he is just a middling player, but on the field he has been the Redskins beacon of hope. In three games McLaurins has 16 catches & 257 yards and has caught a touchdown in each game. He needs to get boosts in every route running (77 short, 75 medium, 74 deep) and his release (74) at the minimum. 

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Daniel Jones, New York Giants (68 OVR)

Age: 22

Position: QB

Development Trait: Normal

Best Stats: Throw Power (87), Acceleration (86), Agility (83), Short Accuracy (81), Deep Accuracy (80), Throw Under Pressure (78)

Here we are. It’s time.

When the New York Giants took Daniel Jones sixth-overall in the 2019 draft everyone laughed at them. Talking heads, draftniks, expert analysts and fans alike mocked general manager Dave Gettleman for the selection.

After two weeks of terrible play by Eli Manning, Jones was thrust into the starting role earlier than expected and led the Giants to a surprising win over Tampa Bay thanks to some precise passing and improvisation. Jones threw for 336 yards and 2 touchdowns and ran in 2 more as he led the team in rushing.

Jones will need a bump to his throw on the run (75) and play action (77) in the next update, and his accuracy (81 short, 78 medium, 80 deep) will probably get a bump too.

Who do you think deserves an ratings overhaul in the next update? Let us know in the comments below!


Toby Durant