Madden 20: New England Patriots offensive playbook money plays

Which Patriots plays can get you consistent yards when you need them?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The New England Patriots regularly have one of the most expansive and productive passing games in the NFL.

Of course having Tom Brady under center helps that, but one of the big reasons is that their offensive playbook has more than a few money plays that can be pulled out at the right time to make big chunks of yards when they need it.

Madden 20 is the same. The Patriots offensive playbook features a whole host of plays that can pick up yards and take advantage of any coverage. But what are the money plays this year? Which ones can you frustrate opponents with and dominate online?

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Gun Trips TE Flex – Levels Sail

This is absolutely dominant formation in Madden 20, especially when you have a quality tight end option. There are several good passing plays from this look, but Levels Sail is far and away the best.

While the play calls the #2 receiver, in this case Julian Edelman, as the primary target, really it depends greatly on the coverage you get and in most cases you’ll never hit Edelman here.

The TE corner route has long been an OP one in Madden, and even without Rob Gronkowski it is a viable option for the Patriots against man coverage. The running back release is the perfect blitz beater, while the double ins can isolate a user LB and open up a hole to deliver the ball.

Levels Sail vs Tampa 2

Against zone coverages you have options everywhere. The TE corner comes open against cover 2 zone, while the RB can pick up yards in a hurry against an off-zone like 3 sky or 4.

The Y route can come open behind an aggressive user LB who is crashing down onto the X/B routes.

Against an aggressive man press you can audible X into a fade and take a deep sideline shot.

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Gun Empty Base Flex – Hoss Y Juke

This is new to the Patriots Madden playbook this year but has been a staple of their offense for a long time. The brilliance of this play is all in the 4 option routes, as well as the 11 personnel it utilizes which means you can audible into a run formation too.

Let’s start with the outside receivers which have a curl/streak option. This is an easy completion against off coverage for 5 yards. Against press these receivers then head straight up field and turn the play into a 4 verts that will split deep zones wide open.

The X receiver (#2 on the left) has a vertical route with a post option, meaning you can split a 2-high look or run either side of a single-high safety and give him an impossible choice.

Meanwhile the tight end has a triple option route. He can either run drag across the field as a blitz checkdown, settle in the middle of the field, or break back out to take advantage of the space left by the #2 deep route.

The best option here is often a quick bullet pass to the X receiver as he will usually race into a pocket in zone coverage. Against man coverage your outside receivers and TE become the go-to.

Hoss Y Juke vs Cover 2 Man

It can take some practice to understand how the TE will make his decisions, but once you get a feel for it this is a deadly play from midfield that can score or convert a 3rd down.

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Gun Trips TE Flex – Inside Zone

Another Trips TE Flex play, but this is deadly when used in combination with Levels Sail. Most shotgun inside zone runs are very good, but from this formation where the RB is offset from the QB and running toward effectively the weak side of the defense it can be a monster run.

Even against a bear front this run works, you just have to be patient and let the hole develop. Against a 4-front the dream is when the #3 WR takes on the inside linebacker and opens a path to the sideline for you. If he goes straight up to the safety you’ll have to wait for your guard to come off the double team and move up.

Inside Zone vs Big Nickel Over G 

You can see the huge window that opens up, and once the left guard moves up to the ILB it’s all over. Then you are just left to make a move on a DB in the open field and pick up as many yards as you can.


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