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Hwei Makes History As LoL's First Champion with 10 Unique Abilities

An image of Hwei from this Champion Insight article.
Credit: Riot Games

Just ahead of the much-anticipated Preseason 2024 update, Riot Games revealed the final new champion to grace League of Legends in 2023: Hwei, a brooding painter from Ionia. Setting himself apart, Hwei marks a milestone as the first champion in League of Legends capable of casting ten distinct abilities.

Hwei's prowess revolves around the artistry of paint, manifested through three art “subjects”: Disaster (Q), Serenity (W), and Torment (E). Each subject opens the door to a trio of unique abilities, with Disaster focusing on damage-based spells, Serenity providing supportive capabilities, and Torment granting crowd control.

Hwei has garnered a warm reception from the League of Legends community, with many players applauding the introduction of a genuine "mage" character featuring unique spell mechanics and a spellbook-inspired kit. Many can’t wait to unlock the tortured painter’s full potential and paint the Rift red!

Hwei: League of Legends' first 10-spell champion

Beyond claiming the title of the first "human male mage" in League of Legends, Hwei stands as the first champion boasting an impressive arsenal of 10 unique spells.

League of Legends Hwei splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Hwei’s basic abilities are organised into three unique subjects, each representing a distinct artistic theme that shapes the nature of its respective spells:

  • Subject: Disaster (Q)
    • QQ - Devastating Fire
    • QW - Severing Bolt
    • QE - Molten Fissure
  • Subject: Serenity (W)
    • WQ- Fleeting Current
    • WW - Pool of Reflection
    • WE - Stirring Lights
  • Subject: Torment (E)
    • EQ - Grim Visage
    • EW - Gaze of the Abyss
    • EE - Crushing Maw
  • R - Spiraling Despair

To cast spells, players must first press Q, W, or E to select the desired subject. Then press the same buttons again to cast a specific ability from that subject.

After casting a spell, Hwei's form resets to a neutral state, allowing for the selection of another subject and spell.

Essentially, each spell requires two button presses to activate. If you change your mind halfway through the selection process, don't worry – you can simply combine the buttons with R to cancel the selection and revert to the neutral state.

A screenshot of Hwei from his Champion Insights.
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Credit: Riot Games

Additionally, when two of Hwei's damaging abilities interact, they trigger his passive ability, Signature of the Visionary, causing an explosion around the champion that's hit. His ultimate ability, Spiraling Despair, remains unchanged regardless of the currently selected artistic theme.

Riot devs promised to deliver an "artistic mid-laner" and "high-complexity champion" as the last of four champions in 2023, following Milio, Naafiri, and Briar, and they did deliver! Hwei offers unparalleled gameplay potential with his elaborate and intricate ability kit.

While some fans have labelled Hwei as "overloaded" and a "headache to balance", only time will reveal his impact on the meta and how he will fare on the Rift. Hwei is set to make his debut in the final patch of 2023, patch 13.24, scheduled for release on 6 December 2023.

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