12 Nov 2021 8:21 AM +00:00 UTC

GTA Trilogy Cheats: Do All Old Cheats Work in the Definitive Edition?

The GTA Trilogy Definite Edition is finally in the hands of players - and while it will bring back plenty of nostalgia all around, not all of what players will remember is around today.

For starters, some of the cheats many players will remember tirelessly entering in these older GTA games haven't returned with the Remasters.

Here's all of the cheats that weren't able to return in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, and why they've been left behind.


GTA Definitive Edition Cheats Missing in New Remaster

GTA is a game series known for breaking the rules, so of course cheats have been a major part of the process since the beginning.

In the three games in the newly remastered GTA Trilogy, however, some cheats players will remember entering will not be available today.

This is because of some technical limitations Rockstar ran into when remastering these older games, specifically with older cheats running on Unreal as a base engine for the remastered games.

While Rockstar haven't given out specifics on which cheats are no longer a part of the series, you can try to look for them yourself now that the games are live.

So far, players have reported the following cheats aren't working in the new remastered trilogy:

Faster Clock

  • Invisible Cars
  • Kinky Theme
  • Rural Theme
  • Sports Cars
  • Triad Theme

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Which GTA Games Have Been Remastered?

The new GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition remasters three classic GTA titles - GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas.

Regardless of when you started with the GTA series, these games rank among the very best ever released - and their remasters add a whole new level, sharpening them up to modern gaming standards in many ways.

While we continue to wait for GTA 6, this new trilogy is a great way to spend your time.

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