Which games are in the GTA Trilogy?

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Rockstar Games finally decided to put the rumors to rest, officially announcing the release of the remastered versions of 3 GTA classics.

Under the Definitive Edition, players will experience a modern version of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

Release Date

This announcement of The Definitive Edition came on the same day as the 20th anniversary of GTA III.

We didn't receive an official release date. Nonetheless, we can expect the launch of these remastered versions in November.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definite Edition, will be available for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

For the PC version, the game will be available via the Rockstar Launcher.

The Definitive Edition will also have a mobile version available on IOS and Android, but the mobile version will be coming during the first half of 2022.

Which Games are in the GTA Trilogy?

These are the three GTA masterpieces being remastered in the upcoming GTA Trilogy.

Grand Theft Auto 3

The game that put the franchise in the Hall of Fame of Video Games - GTA 3 released in the year 2001.

Rockstar Games leveled up the franchise massively with GTA 3, seizing the capabilities of the Playstation 2 and Xbox to deliver the first 3D version of the saga.

The Third-Person Open World experience allowed complete immersion. Players were thrown to the streets of Liberty City to deal with pimps, hookers, dealers, mobsters, in a criminal's paradise.

The 3D graphic violence, along with great game mechanics, sound design, and fun voice acting, made this a great game. The controversial decision to give players the control of a very unusual hero, someone capable of low blows and illegal activities made this game a classic.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

For the next chapter, Rockstar Games had the mission to capitalize on the fame of the previous game.

They decided to take the formula even farther, embracing the violent nature that made them famous without forgetting the great gameplay, design, and sounds that make players stick to them.

This time the game revived the vibes of Miami Vice and took the conflict to the Latin-American ghettos, culminating with the very controversial gang war between The Cubans and The Haitians.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The World is naturally skeptical when it comes to sequels, the most optimistic believe second parts are good, but only a few expected GTA could deliver a third fantastic game in a row.

San Andreas proves them wrong.

GTA San Andreas was so big and crossed so many lines it faced two class lawsuits, but the players loved it all the same! Now this generation will have a chance to experience all the chaos and action with better graphics. The question is, will Hot Coffee be part of the Definitive Version?

GTA Legacy

The series received a lot of criticism for its Violet Nature and the poor portrayal of women as overly-sexualized characters.

It is indeed a game that children shouldn't play without supervision. It is apologetic to a vicious lifestyle.

However, behind that, the game introduced great mechanics, unique soundtracks that influenced an entire generation of games.

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