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Rockstar may have hinted at the location for GTA 6

GTA 6 is likely still a long way off, with current rumours suggesting anywhere between a 2023-2025 release date.

But, between job listings and other things Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are doing behind the scenes, it looks like efforts are increasing on the future title.

For instance, a minor domain update could have dropped a bombshell regarding the location of GTA 6.

GTA 6 Time Period and Location Revealed?

The setting for GTA 6 has long been speculated.

In recent months we have seen rumours that places the game everywhere from the 1970s to the modern-day and even multiple time periods.

GTA 4 Liberty City
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WORLD TOUR: Could GTA 6 revisit classic locations such as Liberty City and even London?

When it comes to the location things there has been "leaks" suggesting a return to Vice City (very likely), but also Liberty City, Los Santos, Chicago, Rio, and even London - who knows what to believe at this point.

But, some recent housekeeping may pinpoint when and where we can expect the game to take place.

Cartel Comeback?

Way back in 2002, the year Vice City was released, Rockstar registered the domain

There doesn't seem to be any evidence of the domain being used.

GTA Vice City Tommy Money
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CARTEL: GTA Vice City has a strong focus on cartels

But, recently Rockstar has renewed the domain, perhaps hinting at what we can expect from the next entry in the series.

With it being renewed could it hint at GTA 6 once again returning to 1980s Vice City?

Spring Cleaning

It's not uncommon for a publisher to register many domains surrounding a new game.

Many of these go unused and are just secured in case they are needed.

Quite often many of these become public knowledge as domain registrations are publicly available.

So it is possible the domain expired a long time ago, but with many fans believing GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, Rockstar may have been worried a fan might grab the domain name and make a fake website.

GTA Vice City Key Art Loading Screens
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LEAKED: Could the domain renewal hint at a return to Vice City?

In recent months we have seen many companies renew domains and not use them.

Nintendo recently renewed an Ocarina of Time domain, but so far there has been no new Ocarina of Time news, although a remake would be welcomed.

There is a very good chance Rockstar was just securing old domains.

Leak Suggests Modern Day Setting

Despite the domain potentially hinting at a 1980s setting, prominent leaker Tom Henderson recently revealed the game would be set in the modern day.

With GTA Online not going anywhere, it wouldn't make sense for the game to go back in time and lose a lot of prominent features, such as the in-game cell phone and apps.

The only other possibility is a 1980s story mode and modern-day online mode, but this would likely create a lot more work for Rockstar as they would need to create two different maps.

Of course, until we hear anything from Rockstar these fantasies will live as pure speculation.

A new Rockstar title usually releases two years after being announced, so you may want to keep enjoying GTA 5 - which has just arrived on Xbox Game Pass for a second time (yes, seriously).

Until GTA 6 arrives, we still have the Next Gen port of GTA 5 to arrive this summer - which will only postpone the next title's announcement even further.

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