Fortnite: Mixer streamer Ninja pleads for more Mobility in Season 12 - Chapter Season 2!

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Chapter 2 saw the disappearance of Flint Knock Pistol, Shockwave Grenades, Junk Rifts, Bouncers, Launchpads, Hoverboards and Mechs.

Each which could be used in different ways to move around the map. These changes left players wondering how they would be able to traverse the all-new map that Chapter 2 brought.

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Epic, however, did include river systems and boats, to allow players to not be completely stranded on the huge new map.


More Mobility?

Chapter 2 has been live for 2 months and both streamers and pros are now beginning to speak out about the lack of ways to rotate around the map.

Ninja tweeted:

Is running everywhere becoming boring? Seems so... maybe Epic will see this and potentially look to add in more mobility options.


The nostalgia of being able to fly a Quadcrasher around the map or the combination of a bounce pad and Launchpad just to get that bit higher.

Ninja also depicted his frustration with the crazy zone changes and just how unpredictable they are.

With the map being considerably larger than it was in Chapter 1, it is understandable that with the lack of movement options, bad zones can become frustrating.

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LEGIQN conveyed that hopefully season 12 will see the introduction of new and improved items like the Launchpad:

Season 12 release date


Epic have highlighted that Season 12 of Chapter 2 will most likely be dropped in early February.

With Chapter 2 having been such a significant change to the Fortnite universe, it is unlikely that there will be anything added that can subside the new map.

However, like always a new battle pass will arrive with Season 12, but its most likely Epic liberate on what they introduced with Chapter 2 ... such as more fish to catch, ways to hide and new challenges.

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Will there be more fish to catch?


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It is still uncertain whether Epic will follow a similar structure to which they did when updating each season from Chapter 1.

Only time will tell! Let us know what you would like to see introduced in Season 12 down below in the comments.