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02 Jun 2020

Fortnite: How to Set Up Crossplay for Nintendo Switch!

The current season has been slowly but surely coming to an end, after the additional one month delay back at the beginning of April.

Although much has been uncertain about the future of Fortnite; players are playing more than ever right now.

If you want to game with one of your friends but do not have the same console as them, do not fear!

Here's how to enable crossplay for the Nintendo Switch.

Enable It

The process of enabling crossplay on the Nintendo Switch is relatively easy, and it will not take long.

You are going to want to make sure your Epic Games account is linked to your Nintendo Switch account.

This can be done here!

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FRIENDS - Who doesn't love playing with their friends?

Then, you are going to want to add your friend's Epic IDs on the in-game friend's menu.

This can be done via the "+" symbol on the friend's tab.

Once you do so, everything should be good to go!

Who Can I Crossplay With?

Thanks to Fortnite's efforts to make the game accessible to everyone, Switch players can crossplay with EVERY platform.

This includes Xbox, PS4, Mac, Mobile, and PC gamers.