Fortnite: How To Collect Fireflies at Weeping Woods – Location, How To and More!

One of the final challenges of the season will require some keen eyes. Here’s the best way to complete it!

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Firefly Locations

Weekly challenges have always been a core component of Fortnite.

Now, we are on the last set of weekly challenges for Chapter 2 Season 3 and there are some tricky ones.

One of the remaining challenges is to collect fireflies!

Here’s how to do so.



This challenge will require you to head over to Weeping Woods in order to collect the fireflies.

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Weeping Woods was one of the locations added during the beginning of Chapter 2, and its location has not changed since.

Fortnite.GG is the perfect way to see where Weeping is, so check it out below.

Weeping Woods min 1
NICE – A great spot to land!

Firefly Locations

Fortnite.GG also features the locations of where the Fireflies are going to spawn at Weeping Woods.

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You can head over to any of these locations within Weeping and you will be able to complete the challenge.

Firefly Locations Weeping min 1
GET THEM – Get this challenge down ASAP!

How To Collect Them

All you have to do in order to collect the Fireflies is head over to one of the marked locations.

Use your interact key and there you go!

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