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Fortnite: Dreamhack Anaheim: Prize Pool, Format, Players and Full Details!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is set to end in the coming weeks, with data miners confirming the end date will be February 6th, 2020.

As soon as the current season ends, Dreamhack is gearing up to host its second invitational in the last couple of months.

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Dreamhack Anaheim is quickly approaching, so let's go over everything we know so far!


When Is It? Prize Pool?

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MONEY - as always Epic Games are offering the big bucks!

Dreamhack Anaheim is set to commence on February 21-23 at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny California.


The event will have $250,000 up for grabs with the prize pool distribution looking like this:

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1st 30,000 2nd 15,000 3rd 13,750 4th 12,500 5th 11.250 6th 10,000 7th 9,250 8th 8,500 9th 7,750 10th 7,000 11th 6,250 12th 4,750 13th 4,500 14th 4,250 15th 4,000 16th 3,750 17th 3,500 18th 3,250 19th 3,000 20th 2,750 21-30th 2,500 31-35th 2,000 36-40th 1,750 41-50th 1,000 51-75th 750 76-100th 500


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HACKER - With no Pick-Axe swinging allowed how will some pros cope?


The event will use its own unique format catered to the event and sheer amount of players that are attending this event.

After the first stage of open competition for all players at the venue, the best 400 players will play in qualifying matches to determine the final 100.

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The scoring format will look like this:

Elimination gives 5 points


How Can I Play?


The unique aspect of Dreamhack Anaheim is that it will be BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer), so anyone who purchases a ticket beforehand will be able to attend.

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Players can purchases the passes here!

Pro Players?

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Luc Bouchon

Yes, there will be professional players in attendance, at the last Dreamhack event we saw the likes of Benjyfishy, TSM Zexrow among others attending!