Latest Football Manager evolution will DETHRONE EA Sports

Football Manager EA FC 24

Football Manager EA FC 24

Football Manager and FIFA are two beloved football franchises that have served us well for many years in the world of gaming.

Whilst both offer something different, the games have brought plenty of joy and showcased major evolution.

FIFA is no more, with EA Sports FC born in its place, whilst the team at Sports Interactive is promising a major change in the FM series as well.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how Football Manager could dethrone EA Sports and become the premium football game.

Football Manager > EA Sports FC

In a recent blog post from resident FM gaffer Miles Jacobson, it was revealed that Football Manager will be undergoing major changes in 2024, with Football Manager 2024 set to be the "last of its kind."

In that announcement, it was revealed that FM would be ditching its outdated match engine and switching to something completely new, powering a whole new era for the franchise.

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BIG CHANGES - Could FM become the football gaming kings?

On the face of it, this may seem like a menial change, but it could prove to be a real game changer.

When looking at the new reveals for EA FC 24, EA's first football game release away from FIFA, we've seen a lot of made of the new graphics and match engine that powers this new game.

Clearly, an emphasis on graphics and overall aesthetic is being placed by both franchises, but could FM already be boasting an advantage?

Community Trust

The first thing that helps FM is the rapport they possess with their community.

That doesn't mean to say that EA does not, but Sports Interactive has been far more pragmatic when engaging with its user base.

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LAST OF ITS KIND - A new era will begin with FM25

In recent years, that growing base of players has become more critical of the game but that hasn't stopped them from actively engaging and trying to engineer positive change.

For example, during the launch of Football Manager 2023, there was a lot of chat about poor graphics. Fast forward a few months and SI has announced their intentions to completely revamp the look of the game.

This element of trust, coupled with immersive features, no doubt gives FM a strong head start over its competitors.

Immersive features

We talk a lot about the word 'immersive' but what does it actually mean in the context of sports games?

Well, instead of EA's Ultimate Team bonanza, Football Manager offers something rooted in reality that truly reflects the day-to-day running of a football club.

Contracts are in-depth and challenging, transfer negotiations are tough and managing your squad and tactics is key to your success.

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NEXT LEVEL IMMERSION - FM offers a realistic management experience
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The plug-and-play element isn't there and FM actually requires you to invest some time in order to be successful.

This results in immersion being the keyword to describe any FM game, with more and more players demanding similar features be introduced in EA FC 24.

Truth is, this will likely never happen due to the sheer depth that FM offers.

Some argue it's a spreadsheet game, we'd argue it's a game of genuine challenge that gives players the true feeling of being a football manager.

Unlike EA's Career Mode offering, Football Manager is all about strategy and planning, with everything firmly rooted in the realms of reality.

Future Glory

Attitudes are changing, not just in gaming but also in general.

EA is facing criticism on all fronts and more and more players are turning to FM to get their football fix.

In fact, FM's overall download and buy numbers are ever-increasing, as the general popularity of the game continues to grow.

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TOP OF THEIR GAME - Football Manager is growing in popularity

Investment into graphics is a smart move for SI as this could unlock another swath of players, provided they don't compromise on what made FM so special in the first place.

We aren't silly, we know it's unlikely that FM will outsell EA FC on volume, but establishing a new engine alongside its incredible range of immersive and in-depth features will certainly see FM afforded prestige as the overall best football game on the market.

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