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Football Manager 2024 Adds Inverted Full-Back Role

FM24 Inverted full-back
Credit: Sports Interactive

In the ever-evolving landscape of football tactics, adapting and incorporating modern trends into FM24 will be crucial for the success of the game.

With that said, fans who are anticipating the upcoming Football Manager 2024 will be pleased to hear that the game introduces exciting features and player role changes that allow you to explore the intricacies of modern football strategies. Among these innovations, the Inverted Full-Back role takes centre stage, but there are also significant additions to the behaviour of other roles.

Previously, we talked about the introduction of Player Targets that will give you more control over contract negotiations for example. Now, let's take a look at certain roles will behave differently in FM24.

FM24 is adding an Inverted Full-Back role

One of the most anticipated additions in FM24 is the Inverted Full-Back position. Popularised by players like Kyle Walker at Manchester City, this role acts as a traditional full-back in defense but transitions into a third central defender in possession. When combined with your other central defenders, it creates a back three, granting the wide defenders the freedom to support the play and contribute to attacks

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Credit: Sports Interactive
Inverted Full-Back is here

This role not only mirrors modern football trends but also enables you to experiment with defensive formations, such as three-at-the-back while defending in a back four. This tactical flexibility is a key asset for managers looking to adapt to various situations. More importantly, it adds to the sense of realism SI strives for.

FM24 Inverted Wing-Back, Libero, and more roles changed

Football has witnessed a surge in positional play, inspired by the likes of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, as we've established. FM24 embraces this concept by enhancing player rotations on the pitch. Players, based on their roles and surrounding teammates, can now move into surprising positions during possession.

For example, an Advanced Playmaker in a 4-2-3-1 formation can recognise the attacking runs of a Segundo Volante, creating a fluid 4-1-4-1 shape in attack. This dynamic rotation also affects other roles like Roaming Playmakers and Mezzalas, offering a more realistic and intelligent gameplay experience.

To complement these changes, Inverted Wingers and Inside Forwards now adjust their positioning when an additional midfielder pushes into their half space, helping create a more fluid passage of play.

The Half-Back role undergoes refinements for FM24 as well. Depending on your tactical setup, it can now occupy either the left or right centre-back position during possession. This adaptation adds versatility to your defensive structure and allows for smoother transitions between phases of play.

Another role with some changes is the Inverted Wing-Back. Defensive midfielders are now more in-sync to the movements of Inverted Wing-Backs, forming two-man pairings when the wing-back pushes forward.

Finally, the Libero role in FM24 has evolved to mimic John Stones at Manchester City. It can step up into the defensive midfield, creating a dynamic structure in both back fours and back threes. To accommodate the Libero's forward movement, midfielders and central defenders adapt their positioning accordingly. This adds an extra layer of tactical depth to your gameplay.

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