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While the main tactics for Football Manager have seen tweaks and changes in recent years, with mezzalas and wide centre backs entering the game, the set-piece routines have been utterly stagnant.

Even as Gareth Southgate experimented with corner routines in the 2018 World Cup and elite club sides hired set-piece coaches, Football Manager remained static. But no more. A set-piece revolution is FINALLY coming with Football Manager 2024.

A set-piece overhaul at last

For years now substitutions have messed with players at set pieces. The front post meta has been unbeatable at corners. There was even a time when if your goalie went up he would just be totally unmarked.

The biggest YouTubers to newest players have lamented the poor UI of set piece management and lack of depth charting you can do for corner defence or free kick crosses. But it's all about to change. At least, we hope it is.

Tucked away on FM24's feature reveal roadmap is a very exciting section...

FM24 set pieces
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The word 'refresh' doesn't sound like a huge overhaul is coming, but it will at least be different to what we've been working with for countless years now. There is also the suggestion that set piece coaches could be coming in. This could be a total game-changer.

It will make players like James Ward-Prowse even deadlier, and while there is a chance players could find exploits it is already horrifically easy to bag 20+ goals with a big centre-back.

It might not sound like a big deal if you are new to FM, but seasoned players will be leaping out of their chairs at this news.

Full details on the set piece changes will come the week commencing 24 September. So keep your eyes on RealSport101 for all the information as it becomes available!

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