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Football Manager 2024 Will Add Individual Targets For Players

Football Manager 2024
Credit: Sports Interactive

With Football Manager 2024, the developers at Sports Interactive wants the gameplay experience to reach new heights with the introduction of several features, including Individual Player Targets and Interaction Logic. These are aimed at keeping players engaged and ensuring more realistic and immersive interactions in FM24.

FM24 will empower managers to go beyond tactical prowess and strategic planning by setting individual performance targets for their players. These targets cover various areas, including training improvements, goals, assists, clean sheets, and match performances for both the first team and reserve players.

You can establish these targets during several in-game interactions, such as praising or criticising players, contract negotiations, or addressing player unhappiness.

Individual Targets in FM24 explained

Setting targets isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. It takes into account the player's personality, their relationship with you, and the specific context of the situation.

For instance, during contract negotiations, you can offer targets aligned with a player's desired playing time pathway. If a striker aims to become a Regular Starter in the 2025/26 season, you can set a target for the 2024/25 season, such as a specific number of goals in league matches.

Football Manager 2024
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Credit: Sports Interactive
More power to the manager

A dedicated "Targets" tab on the Home screen will allow you to monitor your players' progress and their opinions on their development. To avoid confusion, loan players' targets are highlighted in purple, distinguishing them from your club's targets.

Players loaned to your club may come with targets set by their parent clubs, adding an extra layer of strategic planning.

Your staff also play a pivotal role in this system by offering advice on when and how to set targets. When players successfully meet their targets, you can congratulate them and fulfill any promises made, such as offering a new contract. Conversely, if a player falls short of their target, your Player Liaison Officer will notify you, and it's your decision on how to address the situation.

Enhanced Interaction Logic

The addition of player targets is part of a broader effort to make FM24 more immersive. The interaction logic has undergone substantial improvements to ensure conversations with players and agents are more realistic and less robotic.

One massive change is the refinement of the string severity system. Each AI response now has three different severity variants, resulting in more nuanced reactions from players. This reduces the occurrence of extreme responses to your comments, creating a more authentic atmosphere.

Players' reactions are now contextual, providing additional reasoning and opportunities to persuade players during conversations. Unrealistic player unhappiness has been addressed, making their desires clearer.

Promises made to players now have more transparent requirements, leading to more immediate satisfaction when promises are fulfilled.

And that's it! As the release approaches we'll have more Football Manager 2024 content for you to enjoy. In the meantime, check everything you need to know about FM24 ahead of its release. Other features you might be interested in include a smarter AI to make the transfer market more exciting!

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