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FIFA 23: Will EA give out compensation after FUT Hero Pack ERROR?!

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We're only a couple of weeks into the FIFA 23 cycle, however, numerous errors have already occurred in Ultimate Team.

Towards the end of FUT 22, we were becoming accustomed to regular mishaps, with compensation often coming for the mistakes.

Yet, the latest issue, which saw a FUT Hero Pack put in the Store and then hastily removed, doesn't seem to have an easy fix.

Error Report

At 1pm ET / 6pm BST on Saturday, 8 October, users found a FUT Heroes Pack in the Store, containing one FUT Hero and costing only 25,000 coins / 500 FIFA Points!

It was limited to just one per user, the item was (supposed to be) untradeable, and the pack would stay in the Store for six days.

At 1:05pm ET / 6:05pm BST on Saturday, 8 October, the pack had been removed.

Clearly an error in the first place, due to the ridiculous pricing of the pack, the item also turned out to be tradeable.

EA acted swiftly, but the damage was already done.

Many users had managed to purchase the pack, having been alerted to the situation on socials or by being on the game at the right time.

The fallout from this meant the FIFA 23 Transfer Market became flooded with FUT Heroes, crashing the prices, with some users able to make of profit of nearly 2 million coins in one sale!

Holding on for a Hero

There has been much outrage from vocal members of the FUT community on socials since the incident, with lots coming from the trading section of it.

Some were poised to take advantage of the situation, with others saying they lost out on millions from investments.

Then there are those who didn't manage to get the FUT Heroes Pack in the five-minute slot it was available for, seeing it as unfair that some were able to get much sought-after FIFA 23 cards at an incredible value.

Calls for compensation have spread around, but what can EA do?

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MONEY MAN - Yaya Toure could have made you tons of coins if you decided to sell

The pack could be restored to the game for the time it was meant to be available, giving more users a chance to purchase it, but it would be made untradeable as originally advertised.

Some have called for those that didn't get the pack to be rewarded with some form of pack compensation, but that doesn't really fix the situation or make it any fairer.

Amazingly, (at the time of writing) the FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account hasn't even commented on the error, with the company probably weighing up their options of how to move forward from this.

Likely Outcome

The outcome may cause even more frustration, with lots of people suspecting that those who purchased the pack will be the ones gaining compensation.

If you weren't able to get the pack in time, that will just be seen as unlucky, however, if you brought the pack it could be seen as false advertising from EA, as they supplied the wrong item.

Even though FIFA 23 users will have benefitted more from a tradeable item, it is still incorrect compared to what was listed.

We saw a similar situation to this in FUT 22, when users were rewarded with a Mid Icon type from packs that were supposed to award a Base version, which resulted in users getting compensated with an additional Icon.

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