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FIFA 22: When will the Winter Wildcard promo be released in Ultimate Team?

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It looks like a brand new promo is set to arrive in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team VERY soon!

The new 'Winter Wildcard' promo will be released instead of the standard FUT Freeze event that we are used to.

So, find out when you can expect the Winter Wildcard promo to drop in FUT 22.

Release Date

EA will most likely release the new Winter Wildcard promo on Friday, 17 December.

Like with nearly all other promos, we expect it to go live at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, with players available in packs, new objectives, and SBCs released simultaneously.

The fresh batch of promo players will replace the Versus cards in packs immediately.

What is Winter Wildcard?

The early leaks were suggesting that the Winter Wildcard promo would be the return of the player position changes in FIFA 22.

However, although the position changes are an element involved, it looks a little more complex than that.

Some cards will be getting position changes and Liverpool's Brazilian defensive midfielder is rumoured to be getting a stint at Centre Forward (CF)!

These players will also receive upgrades to their ratings to match the new role.

On top of this, it looks like other cards will be getting skill moves or weak foot boosts.

Improving a players' skill moves or weak foot can bump their usability up MASSIVELY and will also make them more expensive on the transfer market.

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