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FIFA 22: FUT Champions events EXTENDED during Season 9 but will END SOON

FIFA 22 is drawing to the end of its cycle, with FIFA 23 just over the horizon.

There are still a few more weeks to enjoy new content in Ultimate Team and continue assembling the best side you can, with EA announcing a change to the FUT Champions events.

Find out all you need to know about playing in the Finals in Season 9 and when the mode will come to an end below.

Extra Time Before Closure

EA's FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has announced that a change is coming to FUT Champions Finals events, with the period in which you can play getting extended by 48 hours.

This means the cut-off for completing your Weekend League matches will now end at 3am ET / 8am BST on Wednesdays instead of Mondays.

This change will happen at the start of Season 9 of Ultimate Team, which is set to begin on Thursday, 1 September.

The number of points you need to gain from Playoffs to qualify for the Finals has been reduced from 20 to 16, making it easier to gain entry.

In the Tweet, it was also announced that the last FUT Champions event in FIFA 22 will start on Friday, 23 September, ending on Wednesday, 28 September.

FIFA 23 Release Date

As confirmed during the reveal trailer, FIFA 23 will be fully released on Friday, 30 September.

Some will be able to access the game sooner than that via a possible Beta or Demo, then the Web App and Early Access.

FIFA 22 Chelsea Dance
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PARTY TIME - The release of FIFA 23 isn't far away now!

Early access for pre-orders begins on Tuesday, 27 September for those who buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The 10-hour EA Play trial gives players a limited number of hours of gaming too and will begin at the same time as pre-order early access.

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