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FIFA 22 Morgan Gibbs-White Objectives: Silver Stars Player Moments, How to Unlock & Expiry Date

FIFA 22 has released the latest weekly Silver Stars Objectives player, and we've got a spotlight right on Player Moments Morgan Gibbs-White.

Here's everything you need to know about how to unlock Player Moments Morgan Gibbs-White and how much time you'll have to knock these objectives out and get him in your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team lineup.

FIFA 22 Morgan Gibbs-White Objectives: Start & Expiry Date

Player Moments continue to highlight big events in a given player's career, and this time we're focusing on Morgan Gibbs-White.

This new Player Moments card in Ultimate Team celebrates Morgan Gibbs-White's great goal and two assists against Cardiff to pick up a win for Sheffield United.

FIFA 22 Silver Stars objectives
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DON'T KICK BACK: If you wait too long you'll lose your shot at this card

As always, you'll have just one week to finish this one out before the next Silver Stars objectives take their place.

Start Date: Wednesday, 2 February at 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Wednesday, 9 February at 6pm GMT

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Silver Stars Gibbs-White Objectives

If you're hoping to snag Gibbs-White, the good news is you won't have anything extra special or challenging to unlock him.

Head to the FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge to complete this trio of challenges, and you'll be able to get this midfielder on your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team right away.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Win 3 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Score 8 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Assist 6 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge

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Player Moments Morgan Gibbs-White Player Review

While some might not be entirely inspired by the moment this Player Moments card is highlighting, don't sleep on a solid easy-to-acquire card.

Player Moments Morgan Gibbs-White has a clear weakness in defending, but even then most of his Defending stats are respectable in the 60s, with other flaws being his low Volleys, Penalties, Aggression, and Jumping.

Where the card begins to shine is with Shooting, as his 83 in Shooting can be incredibly deceptive thanks to the low Volleys and Penalties scores that drag it down.

Gibbs-White is harboring a 92 in Shot Power, 90 in Positioning, and 88 in Long Shots that make him a quiet threat for your squad. He's also got an 88 in Acceleration and 86s in Short Passing and Long Passing to help get in position.

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