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FIFA 22 Eredivisie TOTS Upgrade SBC: A CHEAP way to get Gravenberch

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Team of the Season is bringing plenty of top content to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, including new squads, objectives and SBCs.

The latest Squad Building Challenge guarantees you an Eredivisie TOTS card, so check out the requirements and if it's worth it right here.


Start Date: Tuesday, 3 May

Expiry Date: Thursday, 5 May

There is only one squad needed to complete the Eredivisie TOTS Upgrade SBC, with the requirements as follows:

Eredivisie TOTS Upgrade

  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating
  • Minimum 65 Team Chemistry

Reward - 1 x Eredivisie TOTS Pack

Estimated Cost - 39.05k (PlayStation) / 39.8k (Xbox)

Worth it?

If you're doing this SBC, there is really only one man you're wanting to pack - Ryan Gravenberch.

He gained an unreal TOTS card, 95 OVR, with 90+ base stats on everything apart from defending (which is a measly 88).

If you wanted to pick him up off the market it would cost around 1.6m coins!

So the fact that you could get him from an SBC costing under 40k is pretty good.

However, you will have to trust your pack luck if you are to get him, as he is one of 11 possible outcomes.

Which, honestly, isn't too bad!

When you look at the 11 Eredivisie players you could get, and compare their prices to that of the SBC, six of them can be picked up off the market for less.

Meaning you can 'profit' from five of the 11 players.

Not only that, but two of the players that come in under the price are only by a couple of thousand coins, so it really isn't that big a loss.

At this stage in the season, and with all the packs you'll be opening over TOTS, one 84-rated squad isn't that much to ask.

We think it is definitely worth doing, as there is little risk involved.

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