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FIFA 22: Beginner's Guide to Ultimate Team - Hunting For ICONS

FIFA 22 may be deep into its season, but that doesn't mean there aren't those that are dipping their toes in for the very first time.

In this series, accumulated over the coming weeks and months, we follow one team, No Clue FC - guided by the RealSport101 team - in their quest to dominate FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Last week, No Clue FC took part in some Live Friendlies, but now the attentions turn to giving the team an Iconic makeover.

If you want to watch the latest episode of 'No FUTting Clue', head over to our Twitch channel, the series will be streaming LIVE every Monday at 6 pm BST.

Icon Swaps

Considering how hard No Clue FC worked in order to secure the MLS objectives players, there was no way that the team was going to pass up on the chance to secure an Icon.

Following the Icon Swaps 2 reward guide, No Clue FC firmly set their sights on 8 tokens, permitting the team a random Prime Icon in a pack.

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GETTING CLOSER - The final tokens are in No Clue FC's sights

With the target set, No Clue FC went about securing it, with wins in the One League FUT Friendly ageing the gaffer about 20 years.

The Squad Battles also proved to be tricky, especially when No Clue FC used 11 first owned silver players against the World Class computer.

Whilst struggles were had - No Clue FC triumphed in its task and left the stream with 4 Icon Swaps Tokens in the bag.

Only 4 more to go...

Silver Struggles

As mentioned before, winning games with a silver squad - even offline - proved easier said than done at times for No Clue FC.

One particularly demoralising defeat - which can be watched on stream - tipped the No Clue FC manager over the edge.

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SILVER STARS - The EFL Championship team is proving its worth

The second half of Monday's stream was dedicated to the Classic Cup, another online FUT Friendly that rewards with packs.

Somehow, No Clue FC defied expectation and won all 3 games. Unfortunately, there was no great reward for their feat of unprecedented success.

The Grind Continues

Away from the stream, the grind towards the Icon Swaps 2 tokens continued, with a further two being collected up to now.

With the silver squad and EFL Championship objectives complete, the sight is firmly set on the Portuguese League and Eredivise objectives.

Thankfully, there haven't been too many struggles against the computer in recent times.

However, the length of time it takes to complete the objectives is something that has offered its own separate challenges.

Ultimately, the hope is that No Clue FC won't be left regretting its efforts.

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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK - Ruan is the latest addition to No Clue FC

As a final aside, MLS storyline pick player Ruan was also added to the squad recently, with XP earned in the live friendlies enough to offer a significant boost to No Clue's main starting eleven.

Looking Ahead

The goal of the next stream is clear, finish the last of the objectives and claim the Icon.

Whilst other tokens are up for grabs, leaving it at 8 is a perfect way for No Clue FC to build the foundations of something special.

With new promos and content constantly being rolled out, No Clue FC won't be short of new objectives to complete in the coming weeks, let's just hope they're gunning for glory with an exceptional legend leading the line.

Be sure to tune into Monday’s stream, where No Clue FC will add their first Icon to the FIFA 22 squad.

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