5 reasons why FIFA 22 Career Mode will be incredible this year

Career Mode is the classic game mode in the FIFA series, although the lucrative Ultimate Team has taken precedence in recent years.

However, things are looking good ahead of FIFA 22 with some awesome new features already announced by EA.

Without further ado, lets look at five reasons why FIFA 22 Career Mode is going to be awesome.

All new create-a-club

Arguably the most exciting feature to be revealed so far.

There has been little information revealed around the new create-a-club so far with EA keeping it under wraps until the Career Mode reveal.

What we know so far is thie following statement on EA's official site.

"Live out your football dreams in FIFA 22 Career Mode as you create a club and lead them from relegation candidates to global giants."
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BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME - Can you go on to sign the likes of Mbappe and Van Dijk for your club?

Yes, we believe that you will be able to build your club from scratch, even creating your own stadium.

We can't wait for EA to explain more about this, and whether you can pick where your club starts off from in the football pyramid.

There's also question marks over your initial squad - will it be new-gens, will it be free agents, or will you be able to draft some players in.

Whatever happens, we are thrilled to see this added to the game.

Great gameplay

While not exclusive to Career Mode, FIFA 22's new Hypermotion Technology is set to revolutionise the gameplay this year.

EA showed off the new gameplay in their spotlight showcase ahead of this year's EA Play Live, and it does look class.

The developers took us through Hypermotion Technology and what it is bringing to Next Gen consoles this year, so we aren't sure what the game will have to offer on PS4 and Xbox One.

PS5 and Xbox Series X users will enjoy all the new features though and they should be to the benefit of Career Mode.

Immersive atmosphere

Not only can you play in your own stadium, but the new gameday atmosphere should be terrific.

It looks as though the fans will really get behind you on matchday, so to feel that in your Career Mode will be epic.

It will be interesting to see if your approval rating impacts the matchday atmosphere.

If the fans are unhappy with a lack of transfer activity or a string of poor results, it would be pretty cool if they let you know in the pre-match build up!

Revamped player career

EA has tried and failed with 'The Journey' in recent seasons, so stripping it back to basics and starting again with Player Career could be a winner.

We know Player Career with your Virtual Pro has been in the FIFA series for a number of years now, but the mode has been dormant for a little while.

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GOLDEN BOY - Can you lead your team to glory
"Enjoy an overhauled Player Career experience that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game."

This is a mysterious reveal from EA, and we'd love to see some features that shone in The Journey, liked how Alex Hunter leveled up with a skill tree - to be usable for your Virtual Pro.


It is believed that cutscenes, and not just press conferences, will arrive for FIFA 22 and could be part of a Story Mode integration.

Half-time team talks, work on the training ground, and meetings with the board would be a great addition to the game.

We have seen lots of monotonous press conferences and player interactions over the past couple of editions of the game, so it would be great for these to have some meaning behind them.

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