FIFA 20: Winter Refresh release date ANNOUNCED – countdown, predictions, cards & more

EA have announced more details on the Winter Refresh. Here is everything you need to know!

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EA has confirmed the yearly Winter Refresh is kicking off and we don’t have long to wait, with it taking place this weekend.

EA has confirmed that it will only be the top 50 players who have made the biggest improvement that will receive an upgrade, but what else do we know about the upcoming drops?

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When will it take place?

EA have confirmed that the Winter Refresh will take place tomorrow, 14th February.

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We expect to see the changes to come into effect from 6pm GTM

What changes are happening?

Well, as we have alluded to already, the top 50 players who have made the biggest improvement – a jump of three ratings or more – will be upgraded tomorrow.

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The January window saw a number of players move from clubs that aren’t on FIFA to clubs who are, so that means that there will be a whole load of new faces coming into the game.

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That’s not all, there are over 100 players who have seen an increase to either their weak foot or skill moves – or in some cases both! – so for those of you who like to use skills, get swatting up on the new list!

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