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FIFA 20 Skill Moves: Hashtag United's Best Tricks to use

We're over halfway in our series of 10 tutorial articles from FIFA pro club Hashtag United, and this week Hashtag Shawrey returns to tell you the best skill moves to use on FIFA 20.

As the FIFA titles progress, Skill Moves become more and more important to the everyday player in order to gain an advantage over your opponent.

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Skill moves (if executed correctly) not only look amazing when pulled off, but they also create space as well as eliminate players from a line of defence.


Choosing the right player

The first example is the player in which you are using to perform the moves. A player with lower dribbling stats (e.g Khedira) will execute skill moves much slower as opposed to a player with high dribbling stats (e.g Messi).

Using skill moves will also depend on the individual player and the amount of star-skills they possesses . For example, Kylian Mbappe possesses a 5-star weak foot, meaning he can perform EVERY SINGLE move in the game.

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However, a player like Gonzalo Higuain possesses only a 3-star weak foot, meaning that his skill-move capability is limited.

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Players with a low centre of gravity naturally perform skill moves faster than players of which have a bigger build. These are all things to think about when crafting your attacks with the use of skill moves.

The McGeady Spin / Berba Spin (4/5 star skill moves required)

The McGeady Spin is easily one of the most used skill moves throughout the entire FIFA franchise. To perform this move, simply flick the right analog stick behind your running direction and then towards where you want to exit (left or right).

This skill move allows you shake off defenders who are applying tight pressure to you. The quick change in direction makes it very hard for the defender to keep up.

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Doing this skill move with a 5-star skiller performs the move EVEN FASTER than that of a 4-star skiller.

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The Step Over


The step over is one of the most simplistic yet popular skill move on FIFA 20. This is probably due to the fact that it only requires two-star skill moves to perform.

To execute this move, push your right analog stick (without holding it down) towards the direction you’re facing, then move it to the left and right in quick succession.

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Performing this skill move will keep you opponent guessing as to which way you’ll exit, whether that be, forwards, backwards, left or right.

If they guess wrong and commit their defender to the wrong direction, it creates space for you as you’ve just eliminated a player from the defensive line.

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La Croqueta

Although the La Croqueta has been tuned-down from FIFA 19, it can still be an effective skill move. To pull it off, hold L1/LB, then flick your right analog stick towards where you want to exit (left or right)

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This move allows you to round an opponents tackle whilst maintaining momentum of your forwards movement, meaning your attack isn’t slowed down and your chance isn’t squandered.

The Heel-to-heel

This move literally sees you passing the ball between both heels of your player, allowing you to change position quickly while also confusing your opponent. To pull this off, hold L1 & flick RS left then right (or right then left)

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This move is also popular with players in the final third because if you pull it off, you'll create ample space to get a shot away.

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