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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Top Trading Tips from a FIFA Pro

Welcome to the fifth instalment in our series of tutorial-style articles from FIFA pros, Hashtag United, helping you reach your 'A' game.

In week one Hashtag Shawrey outlined his 10 top tips. Since then Hashtag Tom has focused on the best two formations to use on FIFA 20, the best defensive tips in FIFA 20 and the best ways to attack on the game.

This week, Hashtag Tom returns with his top trading tips for Ultimate Team.


In the most simplistic terms, to have success with trading on FIFA 20, all you need to do is BUY LOW, SELL HIGH!

If you really want to make coins you have to be brave in your decisions, buying one card then selling them won’t lead to much profit because of the 5% tax whereas if you have 20 of that card the tax won’t effect it as much.

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Obviously, this is riskier because not all trade gambles will come off.

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When to Buy

The best time to buy your players are between the days of Monday and Wednesday evening.

The weekend league finishes early on a Monday morning and therefore players often sell their squad to make changes in time for the next Weekend League.


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As a result of this, the market becomes more populated, with sellers undercutting each other in order to get their players sold.

This is perfect for a buyer as you are likely to be able to purchase a player for less than his normal price.

When to Sell

The best time to sell your players is probably on a Thursday night as everybody will be scrambling to complete their squads for their weekend league.

This is because players tend to make upgrades/changes to their team after opening their rewards Thursday morning. 

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Selling your players during the weekend league window can have different implications. Player prices will be at their highest at the beginning of Weekend League and as it progresses, prices decrease.

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The Hashtag United lads will be helping you improve your FIFA 20 skills over the next several weeks!

Real Life Player Form


A player’s real life pitch performance can MASSIVELY affect their price on Ultimate Team. This is more evident with higher priced players, but still noticeable with cheaper players nonetheless.

For example, if Aguero was to score a hat trick in Manchester City’s weekend fixture, his price would sky rocket due to the fact that he would now be predicted an In-Form item.

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Keep an eye on things like this in order to bag yourself some free profit with minimal effort.

The sooner you buy, the more money you will make as you’ll be competing against others who have the same idea (which is essentially what will drive the price up).

Real Life Events and Promos

Real life events can also result in repercussions within the Ultimate Team Market. An easy example would be Black Friday.


Every year, EA Sports release a promotion for Black Friday where they offer special packs and also discounts.

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This will result in more packs being opened, which floods the market and drives the prices of Items down, resulting in a Market Crash.

The higher the quantity of an item that exists on the market, the cheaper he will become because he will be more attainable.

Other events/promos that massively affect the Ultimate Team market are: Christmas, Team Of The Year and Team Of The Season.

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