FIFA 20 The Winter Refresh Team EXPLAINED - How do they work, full ratings, SBC & more

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As part of Winter Refresh, EA has just unveiled an entirely new set of cards!

These cards feature players who've just moved to new clubs in the January transfer window, giving them boosted ratings.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the new cards.

Winter Refresh Team Explained

These cards are inspired by real-world signings made in January and EA states that just as real-life clubs strengthened their teams with these players, you can strengthen your FUT similarly.

Each Winter Refresh Team player has received a uniquely tailored PERMANENT upgrade.

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As a result, it seems each player has had specific stats upgraded rather than an upgrade across the board.

The Winter Refresh Team SBC

It seems that another Winter Refresh Team player will be added to the squad through an SBC.

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Keep your eyes peeled as we will cover the SBC with a full breakdown and review as soon as it drops.

The Winter Refresh Team (Full Squad)

winter refresh team fut 20
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So we’ve finally worked out what those mysterious blue cards were – they are the Winter Refresh Team!

Still in the dark about Winter Refresh? We've got all the key details below. And for those after even more detail, you can read absolutely everything about Winter Refresh right here.

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