FIFA 20: Summer Heat Franck Kessié Objectives - How to unlock, in-game ratings, card review & more

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The Summer Heat promo has been live for a couple of days now, and it's safe to say it's been a success so far!

Plenty of fan favourite cards have returned to packs, whilst a whole host of new cards have entered the game via the SBC and Objectives sections of the game.

There has been two new cards enter the game today, an SBC Ivan Perisic as well as this Season Objectives Franck Kessié.

Kessié is the second Summer Heat card that has become available via the Season Objectives, joining Real Madrid fullback Ferland Mendy, whose card is still currently available.

Here is all the information about the Milan midfielders newest card, including whether or not he is worth the grind!

How to unlock Summer Heat Franck Kessié

The standard four objectives return for this card, all of which focus around the aggressive playing style of the Ivorian midfielder.

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The objectives are as follows:

  • Physical Passer - Assist in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using players with min. 88 PHYObjective Reward - One Two Players Pack
  • Ranged Rocket - Score an Outside of the Box goal in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Serie A playersObjective Reward - One Gold Pack
  • Serie A Scorer - Score 10 goals in Rivals using Serie A playersObjective Reward - One Small Electrum Players Pack
  • Midfield Magic - Score and Assist in 6 separate Rivals wins using MidfieldersObjective Reward - One Electrum Players Pack

Kessié In-Game Stats

Kessie In Game
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+ 2

Worth the grind?

We've said it a few times this year, but all things considered, this might be the very best Seasons Objectives card that we have seen in FIFA 20.

For starters, the Objectives really aren't that difficult. Two of the four can be done on the Squad Battles, which is much easier than Rivals, and only one of the four actually requires you to win any matches!

Objectives Kessie
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+ 2

His card is stupidly good. The only one of his six base stats that falls under 90-rated is his pace and, at 87 overall as a centre midfielder, you're really not going to complain about that!

As a matter of fact, looking at his in-game stats, there are only three that aren't in the 80's: FK. Accuracy (61 OVR), curve (74 OVR) and volleys (75 OVR) and you're not going to lose any sleep over the fact he can't score a free-kick!

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Looking at his in-games, we could easily justify spending 200-300k if not more on this card and, given that you can pick up for absolutely nothing, there is not a single complaint that can be had.

You simply have to go and complete these objectives!

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